11 thoughts on “12 Months on Zoloft, Alpha Mind, Neuriva & Extra! (ADHD, Despair, Nervousness)”

  • In-Vision International

    The coffee bean extract in neuriva is Decaffinated!! DONT substitute it with coffee if you have anxiety!..it works on a completely different mechanism.

  • Thank you so much I have strong ADHD been medicated since the age of 5 with about a 4 year gap of not taking it and getting addicted to everything else as a teen once I got out of rehab I got myself back on medication (Dexydrine) which was great at first. I was very productive, could actually be awake for a full day and focus on what I want. But of course all that faded away and the meds became less and less effective. Just ordered 90 caps of alpha brain and I'm hoping it compliments my medication to bring that focus and creativity back.

  • I take lamotrigine, wellbutrin, and abilify for bipolar disorder and hydroxyzine for anxiety. However, my memory is terrible so I just started neuriva.

  • @ 3:25 I totally agree. If I can't focus, I can't get anything done, so the looming wall of projects, dishes, and laundry is perfect food for anxiety and depression.

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