3 thoughts on “2021 Psychological Well being Replace – No extra Zoloft”

  • Loving your mental health journey. I love ashwaganda for days when I feel extra anxious. The problem is, I am so chilled out on it I’m like “bills?? Who needs to pay that, I’m fine living under this tree.” Which is okay but I also have a dependent.

    Also, I heard you say io-wash-ka which I thought you were saying “ayahuasca” (same pronunciations). That’s a hallucinating drug and they have retreats for it that makes you trip the fffff out. When I heard you say that I was like “dang she’s brave!!” I won’t judge anyone for it, but lol at the same time I’m glad it’s ashwagandha!!

    I also use lavela lavender capsules and that works really well and helps with sleep quite a bit if you want an alt. In the future!

    Everyone’s mental journey is different and I respect that you are sharing yours! Much love!

  • Wishing you peace, comfort, strength, good health & happiness in your journey. May each day forward be filled with blessings, joy, courage, wisdom, patience & success.

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