5 Easy Methods to Handle Stress by Conserving a Cool Head and Hearth in Your Stomach

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You in all probability already know that you need to handle your stress stage. In any case, it’s extensively acknowledged that stress has been linked to lots of the commonest well being issues.[1] However have you ever ever thought of that stress is an issue linked to your physique’s power system?

In conventional Asian drugs, the stream of life power, also referred to as chi or qi, is the muse of well being and vitality. So, when a blockage or imbalance arises in your power system, well being issues will quickly comply with.

Stress is usually the supply of those blockages because it creates pressure and imbalance inside the physique. Fortuitously, there may be a lot you are able to do to make sure the well being of your power system and to mitigate the consequences of stress.

Editors word: You don’t must be a devotee of Asian drugs to learn from these methods. They may be just right for you whether or not you imagine in Western or Japanese theories of stress.

Stress turns your power upside-down

In response to the ideas of Japanese drugs, an excessive amount of stress is kind of unhealthy on your power system. It is because it turns your power stream upside-down.

When you find yourself feeling good and your thoughts is calm, your power flows in response to the sample often called “Water Up, Hearth Down.” On this wholesome situation, the recent hearth power of the physique sinks to the stomach, whereas cool water power of the physique rises to the pinnacle.

After we are ailing, emotionally upset, or underneath a variety of stress, the other occurs. That’s, scorching power rises to our heads and our intestines turn out to be chilly and sluggish. We turn out to be red-faced if we’re indignant or have a fever. We develop poor digestion and unfocused minds after we are pressured.

Listed here are among the signs that point out a reversed power situation (Editor’s word: In Western drugs, we are saying they’re the results of stress):

      • Issue focusing
      • Flushed face or scorching head
      • Unstable feelings
      • Digestive difficulties
      • Fatigue or lack of motivation
      • Stress and knots within the muscle tissue or joints
      • Tightness within the chest
      • Weak spot within the legs or ft
      • Dry mouth, throat, or eyes
      • Melancholy or anxiousness
      • Constipation or diarrhea

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Utilizing the Water Up, Hearth Down power precept to handle stress 

Fortuitously, you don’t must be an knowledgeable or perhaps a believer in Asian drugs to watch and handle your power stream. In reality, the “Water Up, Hearth Down” power precept is simple for anybody to make use of as a device for stress administration and well being upkeep. It’s only a matter of studying to note when your power is in a reversed state after which taking motion to reestablish correct steadiness.

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Making a Water Up, Hearth Down state when our situation is reversed entails one other precept of power: “The place the thoughts goes, power follows.”

You may see that that is true in a sensible means in on a regular basis life. For instance, when you by no means take into consideration your automotive’s upkeep, you in all probability received’t maintain it. This could result in the automotive needing costly repairs in a while. In case you put a reminder in your telephone to do your oil adjustments and to have your brakes checked, you’ll in all probability be extra prone to full these duties.

We reside inside our heads an excessive amount of

When you consider it, all the things any human does begins with a thought of taking some motion. Whether or not you wish to rise up and make a cup of tea, otherwise you wish to full a mission to Mars, all of it begins with a thought.

In your power system, that is additionally true and in a really literal means. Your power goes wherever you focus your thoughts. When you find yourself feeling pressured, power tends to pool within the head as a result of a lot of your power is dedicated to pondering, contributing to a reversed power state.

Dr. Nick Hobson, Founder and Chief Behavioral Scientist at The Behaviorist and a Lecturer on the College of Toronto, hyperlinks stress-related illness on to our tendency to over-analyze our issues:

“Our heightened anxiousness has its roots in the way in which we predict…We’re analytic thinkers, that means we see the world in a linear style, carving out separate occasions and peering at them by a lens of trigger and impact.”[2]

To keep away from the debilitating results of stress, we have to carry power down from the pinnacle—the overheated mind—into the physique, the place that power can be utilized for motion as a substitute of for extra pondering.

 5 methods to chill down your overheated mind

When your power is upside-down, because it tends to be when you’re underneath stress, you need to do what you possibly can to carry hearth power again down out of your head into your stomach, to create the proverbial “hearth within the stomach.”

Listed here are 5 methods to do it:

1. Faucet Your Head and Breathe

Faucet your head along with your fingertips. Hold exhaling whereas tapping. Focus in your outgoing breath, imagining warmth leaving your head by your exhalations. Faucet the crown of your head about 30 instances; then transfer ahead and down, tapping alongside the centerline of your head. Now faucet evenly across the high of your head. Then faucet in sequence on the edges, again, and decrease again of your head (the place the pinnacle and neck meet).

2. Faucet Your Chest and Breathe

Sit on the ground or in a chair. Faucet the left aspect of your chest along with your proper fist, utilizing the aspect of your hand main into the thumb. Spend about three minutes tapping your chest, together with the world beneath your left collar-bone. Whereas tapping, exhale by your mouth, and give attention to the sensations in your chest. Change arms and faucet the proper aspect of your chest along with your left fist for about three minutes. Now use whichever hand feels extra comfy and faucet alongside the centerline of your physique. Then sweep down your chest along with your palms.

3. Pull your stomach out and in

Stand along with your ft shoulder-width aside and bend your knees barely. Place your palms in your decrease stomach. Pull your stomach in towards your again, maintain it for a second, after which loosen up, releasing your stomach naturally. Repeat 100 instances, pulling and releasing your stomach when you give attention to the sensation of it. When doing this train, you don’t essentially must sync your respiration along with your intestinal actions. Simply concentrating on the train will naturally result in deeper respiration.

4. Breathe along with your decrease stomach

Sit on the ground or in a chair in a cushty place and straighten your decrease again. Chill out your neck, shoulders, and arms. Place one hand in your chest and the opposite hand in your decrease stomach beneath your navel. Once you breathe in, let your stomach broaden like a balloon filling with air. Once you exhale, let your stomach contract. The hand in your chest ought to stay comparatively nonetheless. Attempt to maintain your thoughts on the sensation of your decrease stomach, each the motion and the sensation inside, to assist carry down the power in your head. Chill out any pressure in your physique and thoughts, and breathe comfortably. When you’re aware of respiration this fashion, decrease your arms and place them comfortably in your knees or at your aspect. Breathe solely by your nostril, if doable.

5. Stroll briskly

Strolling is without doubt one of the greatest types of train for clearing the thoughts and relieving stress.[3] Stroll quicker and extra forcefully than ordinary. Hold your higher physique straight and step with heels first, extending your legs so far as you possibly can. In case you bend your arms, transferring them ahead and backward as you stroll, you’ll put extra energy in your steps.

Amplify the effectiveness by making your strides longer than regular and placing your give attention to the underside of your ft (the a part of your physique furthest out of your head). Tighten the muscle tissue of your waist and stomach as you stroll, sensing that your muscle tissue, pelvis, and intestine are being labored with each step.

The underside line

By wanting into the ideas of conventional Asian drugs, we will see new methods of interested by and managing stress. Making use of ideas equivalent to Water Up, Hearth Right down to the way in which we method stress entails a private expertise of those ideas that makes us extra conscious of our stress stage and power state. With this enhanced consciousness, or what is usually known as mindfulness, we will take easy actions each day to alleviate stress and forestall the well-documented results of persistent stress.

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