50mg to 100mg of Sertraline Every day – Aspect Results – Why I modified – How I really feel now?

A couple of months in the past I made a decision to vary my Sertraline dose from 50mg to 100mg each day. This wasn’t a call I took frivolously and I’m hopeful this video helps different …

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  • I've been on Sertraline, for over 5 years for my PTSD in Iraq. It has completely killed my sex drive, I'm more or less a zombie I have no interest in sex even porn doesn't do it, and has made short term memory a headache I've tried cutting back on my dose 100mg, back down to 50mg no luck. Anything I can do?

  • My nurse practitioner put me on this a few days ago and I'm having nightmares already did anyone else have them and I'm worried about how this is gonna affect me in the next few months cause I'm a school bus driver but I am out of work for right now because of corona so I do have a few weeks to get into the swings of this

  • Hi. I started with 50mg for around 4 months which made my eyes’s vision unclearly. Do you have any side effects like me ? I have to drink Lutein 100mg per day to help my eyes better.

  • I started Zoloft on 50mg 6 weeks ago and now I feel like it isn’t working for my anxiety. I’m probably going to the doctor and see if my doctor recommends if I should start on 100mg.

  • I am in the same situation, I started about 6 months ago on 50mg, covid also hit me and was advised to go to 100mg. I have found taking it now in the morning works for me and sleep well at night.

  • I’ve been taking sertraline and I had a serotonin syndrome for taking medication for headaches, the thing is that I didn’t know cuz I was with a severe headache that I thought was going to kill me . It’s a horrible sensation.

  • I went up to 100 mg 2 weeks and 2 days ago. Yes I keep exact count haha. Anways… I feel somewhat okay but at the same time have had increased anxiety. I knew 75 mg wasn’t enough for me and I am about to start therapy with a new therapist who focuses on CBT. I am trying to stay positive that 100 mg will eventually level me out and I will feel good again, but at this point I keep second guessing it. Do you think 2 weeks is still too early for me to be questioning the dose???

  • Carmen Rosina Cronje

    I'm about to start 50mg. Is there anything I can do to prevent side effects? Because I need to be very focused and energetic at work 🙂

  • juat keep going until you reach 200
    after about 2 year you gonna be better than before depression
    it's super good medicene and it will repaire the brain but slowly
    so don't be in a hurry waiting fix everything
    only side effect is sex

  • Hi I started sertaline on 25 then I was upped slowly to 50 then 75 then 100mg. I have just had my review I was on 100mg for 7 weeks and the gp said to go up again to 125mg. I've been on the upped dose 4 days im hoping I will level out on this dose as 100mg was good but I kept having dips emotionally. My sleep is not great but the gp said it should improve. I think it was at least 6 weeks on my new dose before I felt like it was working its very gradual.


  • Great video thanks so much for the upload, this has really helped me. I'm on day 3 of having just be prescribed sertraline and I'm just waiting for the results.

  • I got a prescription for sertraline in less than 1 hour without even being "diagnosed for anything by a professional. Anyway started yesterday 50mg, gunna do 25mg for a while. Are you planning on long term use???

  • I was on 50mg and upped it to 75 and I got dilated pupils extreme light sensitivity and jaw pain I think I was clenching my jaw when I was sleeping, facial pain in my jaw and temples. Headaches constant all day long for the week I took the 75mg. I went back to 50mg last night and already feel better. I wonder if that means the dose was to high for me. I just don’t feel much help from the 50mg dose but can’t handle the side effects from the Increase. Anyone else have these side effects. My pharmacists said he think I had serotonin toxicity.

  • I have been on paroxitine, and was doing well , but new dr has changed to sertraline by saying less sideeffects… but i feel it is not helping me like i have having light or heavy brain , can feel strong heart beat, have resistance in gym. I dont know it is its side effect of mix up of withdrawals of paroxitine.

  • Loving your videos and have subscribed. Just started on 50mg this morning. Obviously need to wait a few weeks before I can judge where I am at. How will I know though if I need to try a higher dosage? Like if I get improvement may be it’ll be better on a higher dose? Thanks for your opinion.

  • I just started 25mg and it took me days to take it . So scared!!! More paranoid it will speed up my heart! I have bad death anxiety and anxiety in general . Just don’t feel like myself anymore . Some days I’m good and then bam around dinner my mood changed completely. Sucks so I decided to take it today and still nervous!!

  • Great to see you back, started taking Zoloft since May and your videos had helped me out immensely. I had to up by doze to 100 mg a few months ago, there was growing pains at the start but I’m finally feeling the benefits, good luck in your journey!

  • I was on 50mg for 7 years. This year lost my job and had a lot of struggles because of covid. I was becoming bedridden with depression again. I went up to 75mg then 100mg and I’ve been at 100mg for a month now. So far, so good. I feel better already. I was worried about weight gain though as I immediately because unable to stop eating. It’s calmed down now but I’m still craving muffins and sugary baked goods every day…….

  • Hi. Thankyou for uploading this to talk about your struggles with depression and anxiety, and how the sertraline and talking therapy is helping you. It's not easy to share on YouTube where millions of people watching your vlog. You are so brave. I'm currently on 100mg of sertraline. I've been on them since September. I don't feel any benefit yet. Also does anyone experience excessive sweating as one of the side effects or is it just me? I was getting help from a psychiatrist, but I felt like he didn't want to help, so I discharged myself. You are all so brave peeps ❤.

  • It’s so true….this whole pandemic-thing has been just too much. For many people, they were functioning “ just ok” before this all hit. Coronavirus did not help.

  • Just started on 25mg after having a bad spell on 50mg. Felt amazing this morning and my anxiety is there but I don't care about it. Definitely feel better just a bit wired. Determined to stick with it this time ❤️

  • Thank you for sharing your journey with such clarity. It is helpful to see the potential path. I hope you post more updates down the road and continue to share your story. Great that you included info about how the counseling and medication can support each other. Go therapy!

  • Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability to talk about this with everyone. I think most of us can relate to almost everything you are saying. I just upped my dosage a little from 37.5mg to 50mg. Thank you again!

  • glad to see you’re back on track mate, i’ve just bumped my dose up to 50mg from taking 25mg for 2 weeks. still not feeling the full effects of sertraline but it’s defiantly been on the up over the past 2 weeks.

  • Great seeing you’re back behind the lens! Was 75 not an option, or was doubling it the recommendation?

    I’m still taking 25mg on month 2, and still good less a few minor anxiety moments.

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