A Facet-by-Facet Look: COVID-19 Vaccines vs. Tremendous Mario Invincibility Star

The Meals & Drug Administration (FDA) first granted Emergency Use Authorization to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine earlier this month, with Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine shortly gaining the identical authorization very shortly thereafter. There have been many questions asking how these two vaccines stack up in opposition to each other, however an enormous query stays largely unanswered: how do they each stack up in opposition to the Invincibility Stars or Starmen from Tremendous Mario Bros.?

TARGET POPULATION: Not medical college students. An Invincibility Star is reserved just for Mario, perhaps Luigi.

EFFICACY: The Pfizer and Fashionable COVID-19 vaccine have been >90% efficient at stopping symptomatic COVID-19, the previous 7 days after the second dose and the latter 14 days after the second dose. An Invincibility Star is instantly efficient at stopping not solely symptomatic COVID-19 but in addition any assaults by Bowser’s henchmen.

DURATION OF PROTECTION: Unclear, however the hope is each Pfizer & Moderna vaccines will convey safety on the order of a number of months. Sadly, Invincibility Star convey safety just for a couple of seconds.

BACKGROUND MUSIC: The Invincibility Star is accompanied with a musical theme. The COVID-19 vaccines don’t include a musical theme, one thing which has drawn the ire of healthcare personnel and avid gamers alike.

SIDE EFFECTS: The commonest unwanted side effects from the COVID-19 vaccines are ache on the injection web site, headache, muscle ache, fatigue, hope, reduction, and optimism. The commonest aspect impact of the Invincibility Star is post-Invincibility Star melancholy.

PREGNANT OR LACTATING WOMEN: The Covid-19 vaccines or Invincibility Stars haven’t been studied in pregnant or lactating ladies.

STORAGE: The Pfizer vaccine should be saved at -94 Fahrenheit and used inside 5 days of thawing. The Moderna vaccine should be saved at -Four Fahrenheit, and might be saved within the fridge for 30 days or room temperature for 12 hours. Starmen should be used earlier than it exits the display.

PURCHASE: Each the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines might be bought from the businesses immediately; a minimal order of 100 and 975 doses, respectively. An Invincibility Star can’t be bought; it should be discovered by way of sheer willpower and luck after breaking tons and plenty of bricks.

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