ABILIFY, ZYPREXA, SEROQUEL, and different so referred to as remedy.

I hung out in a psychological establishment. Right here is my expertise. My web site is known as www.targetedindividualsireland.web.

11 thoughts on “ABILIFY, ZYPREXA, SEROQUEL, and different so referred to as remedy.”

  • I believe you. I have been wrongly diagnosed with schizophrenia and prescribed abilify, risperidone and zyprexa at various times with all the side effects you mentioned. I am a physician myself but these crimes are so covert, even my family members believe psychiatrists and want me to take antipsychotics. When I tell friends about my condition, all they think about is movie ‘ beautiful mind’, and that’s why I should try a different medication if one is giving side effects.

  • it felt like my soul spirit was gone too many other horrors to mention a feeling of exploding brain blood vessels is another
    i didn't know any better found out the hard way biggest regret ever asking them for help oh they helped me alright

  • Abilify=Aripiprazole
    For all you medicos out there. Also all these anti-psychotics can actually cause hallucinations in their side effects; among a host of other problems

  • I recently found a "communications" center on top of a big hill in the woods on the West Plains bear spokane washington usa. Used to be an airforce installation I guess but is now a communications center .. I wonder if this site is used for voice to scull tech ?

  • I'm currently incarcerated in a psychiatric institution and have been forced onto an aripiprazole depo and Psychiatrists are to blame they are usually Dark Occultists. Brilliant speech….

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