Addicts Utilizing This 'Protected' Medicine To Get Excessive

Gabapentin is an anti-seizure and nerve ache medicine, docs prescribe it as a protected different to opioids. However addicts have discovered — in excessive doses or …

34 thoughts on “Addicts Utilizing This 'Protected' Medicine To Get Excessive”

  • VA prescribed them to me for sciatica nerve pain and most I take is 300mg a day.
    Feel bit mellower and tired. They wanted me to take 3200mg a day which many veterans take with similar pain and side effects are terrible, emotional, suicidal, etc.
    Its definetly working for nerve pain and only at 300 mg it's God sent..
    People who use to get high can't blame them. We live in a f prison planet rulled by megalomaniacs controlling society top down and leaving us scrambling for their crumbs.
    People want to feel food cant blame them.
    Word addict is a bad label to put on all the problems and reason why They do it.

  • Can someone lmk how many gabapentin gets me high I took like 9 200mg at once and couldn’t move my neck or it felt very weird and was to fucked up to sleep

  • Yeah no thank you I was taking for nerve damage in my feet. To me when I take it I I start acting like a meth head are tweaker someone on speed or something cleaning the fucking bathtub with a toothbrush chasing cobwebs around.

  • Gabapentin is a weird drug. It doesn't effect everyone the same, many don't feel any of the effects. Usually people use it in small doses but large doses around a gram or so makes you feel like a super weird loopy energy, but also relaxed. Your inhibited in all factors it makes talking and socializing easier and makes you feel more creative. Too much can make you sort of delerious though I used to take upwards of 10 grams of gabapentin a day but wouldn't mix it with anything. When I got into heroin I noticed how dangerous gapapentin can be when MIXED with other CNS depressants. I also moved up to pregabalin, or Lyrica which is a much more potent form of gabapentin in dose and effect. Those are actually scheduled by the DEA. Anyway read a lot about what gabapentinoids can do to brain development, and it's pretty scary. I guess they are finding out gabapentinoids can halt the formations of new neural pathways. It's been a while since I read these study's but to whomever is reading this and takes gabapentin or Lyrica or even phenibut should do some research on what they are taking. Can be pretty dangerous acutely and long term.

  • Gabapentin is an absolutely fantastic drug for getting people off opiates. We shouldnt start limiting this stuff. It takes a long time to develop it's own withdrawals and doesn't have a very good euphoria of its own so most addicts likely wont abuse it after getting clean.

  • I've taken gabapentin to get high >.< If I take enough mg I feel a high euphoria energy feeling for a good 6-8hrs but can only achieve the high the first 2 days I take it. The 3rd say I would feel nothing needing to take a 5 day break to get said feeling again. It's the same with Suboxone with me. After the first 2 days, nothing…..

  • Wow i take 12 gabapentons for pain every day and I had an opiate addiction ten years ago. Gapapenton did nothing at all to me what opiates did for me. They dont make me high but they help with my nerve pain somewhat. By the way its 3600 mg a day i take, i was crushed years ago and im glad i have it for pain. I wish they would prescribe toradol on a reg basis, that works even better than most opiates.

  • Best to not use drugs, but those who do legal or illegal will likely never stop and forcing everyone to work and pay taxes for a system that doesn't work or allow us to change it seems the opposite of freedom. If can't be free then why say one is? Why try to control others? Let them use and die or function or not. You can't change most of them and the business itself is questionable Because humans never had all these drugs before. So how is Pfizer and CVS and the DEA so much different from Mexican Cartels? It's just wealth disparity and class based war of humans through existing nation states. Don't like illegal drugs, then help your Mexican neighbors to have an economy like your own. But instead we create the cartels with CIA and build walls and fight them and ourselves and some profit and some lose. It's not wise or ethical. It's not what religious teachings instruct us to do. It is quite the opposite.

  • Yea, why would people want to work hard for others with continually less opportunity to come up as they see it? Then to chase a feeling and enjoy your time peacefully and without harming others is illegal or wrong??

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