All my Covid questions ANSWERED with Dr. Seema Yasmin | No Filter with Naomi

Dr. Seema Yasmin and I talk about methods to maintain thoughts and physique wholesome as Covid spikes globally. This episode was made in partnership with Kindred Media …

31 thoughts on “All my Covid questions ANSWERED with Dr. Seema Yasmin | No Filter with Naomi”

  • Covid-19 is a plandemic and a scamdemic. There are hundreds of doctors questioning the validity of Covid-19 on YT and other places and are being shut down.

  • Good Luck White America….This is the beginning of your judgement from heaven whether or not you want to face that fact….You will soon enough!

  • COVID is not a mapped genome. It’s SARs. Americans sent a request to China WuFlu for vaccine and research years ago. This is a PLANDEMIC. Take off the mask. Dethrown anyone who “regulates” this false narrative. I have not declared Hell on you yet…but when it’s done…I’ll let everyone know where you are destined and belong to…liars and deceivers, you deserveHell, but mercy for the stupid is a thing.


    1 John 4:1
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

  • Its funny how THEY only show doctors who are with there agenda..and not other doctors that speak against there plan..more funnier when these doctors really think people believe there bullshit..people are waking up to the bullshit..


    So the Saudi Prince paid Obama to kill a bunch of Americans to have his people kill a bunch of Americans
    "You have no idea how many times I should have died!"

    I tried to document some of them…
    there is this one time doing addition network install in Okeechobee This one house on stilts My boss Rob Baker was in front of me going down the steps I wasn't able to I had a picture of this document under movie10/10 Lucy because that's the scene where the Japanese guy has the gun behind Lucy's head well this was that scene at this Okeechobee house My boss Rob was going down the steps in front of me and I hear the old guy behind me following and I hear a gun cock revolver cock behind me and I immediately asked God not to make this gun fire and I knew if I turned around and seen this gun in this old guy's hand I'd kill him on the spot so I refuse to turn around because I'd be in jail probably right now for killing them So so I refuse to turn around he pulls the trigger The gun doesn't fire I still refuse to turn around cuz I know I'll kill him And and he runs off when he gets right to the bottom of the stairs I mean this m********* runs off and I I look right at Rob and I said Rob did you hear any of that he says he says hear what and I said hear any of that and he says now I said that guy just cocked a gun behind me and pulled the trigger and it didn't fire and he just ran off and then at the end of the install Rob Baker got to see the gun the revolver in a plastic bag on this old guy's desk!!

    Scott friend was there for the Georgia police incident at the hotel like I said they parked an Air Force trailer out front of our hotel Brian tenny was was arrested for DUI that night the cops tried to bust into my room and I tried shutting the door on him twice for f**** with me over my dinner and s***.
    And that that one of those nights there was the night where that that Air Force veteran was randomly firing at cars on a road we were just on 45 minutes earlier and the guy shoots a motorcycle cop dead and then kills himself.

    as a kid growing up up north everybody always told me what if what if you found a genie lamp and you were given three wishes as a kid I had to sit there and think about that one for a little bit.
    Come on and be nice God bless you
    no it took all my sound out of my right ear right as I said that and I said that's how they made contact with me as a child out in Las Vegas near area 51 telepathically in back in '82 after shaking George Bush senior's hand head of CIA vice president to Reagan so yeah when I shook his hand I've been spying on the government ever since and when I went went when Trump became president I told everybody this on purpose and within like a month they killed the had George Bush senior dead.
    I've lived here in Central Florida the tip of the Bermuda Triangle since 1988 here right at Patrick Air Force Base in NASA prior I lived in New Hampshire, Pease AFB, a strategic air command base that was a second airstrip backup for the shuttle as a landing strip and prior to that I lived out next to Nellis Air Force Base next to Area 51 near groom lake where I began getting contact with these telepathic beings while USA and planet walks all over me my entire life stealing my ideas and inventions so these that I'm connected to telepathically will wipe out and kill every single f**** person that they've been watching f**** over through me my entire f**** life.
    Welcome to Area 51 and welcome to the Bermuda Triangle and welcome to the devil's Triangle!

    Fukushima disaster was designed by me so I could usher in my three radiation neutralizing inventions so you all would be prepared for any of your other nuclear disasters like that nuclear Russian missile that detonated and blew up in Russia the day I wanted a nuclear missile to detonate or that Russian nuclear sub I predicted sinking by 3 days after downloading a nuclear reactor information and a Russian submarine app game that didn't work 3 days prior and all the sudden 3 days later 14 sailors die on a Russian subfire when the last number I had seen was the number 14 and that the next number I read are those 14 sailors dead from the fire.
    So the number 14 correlated over that day!And yesterday during chariots of fire he was wearing the number 14 and he passed away yesterday if you didn't notice!
    And the last name I have thought of earlier in the week was Christopher Clark Cross and then Ben Cross passes away.

    and I downloaded a Russian nuclear sub game and nuclear reactor information June 28th last year and then one of the Russian sub-Sinks three days later on July 1st you might want to pay attention to my warnings

    see how pissed the Chinese and Russians are getting at the US government f**** over God himself?

    Meteor explodes over China week i want meteor to explode over DC..

    US government infringement on the freedom of speech , invasion of privacy, defamation of character, fraud, lies, corruption, murder, theft to cause the destruction of planet Earth!!

    oh as God I want to kill everything on a planet purposely letting the government push this on my people

    USA the death of white pedophiles in exchange for black ones..

    :Is Beirut going to Nuclear war with Israel?

    What's weird is I thought a Sarajevo Beirut about nine days prior to explosion

    So what country launched the missile on the ammonium nitrate?

    I've had my invention stolen since 1992 that we're supposed to save your planet since I've been in telepathic communion with these aliens since I was a child out in Las Vegas near Area 51 where I made contact with them telepathically I've I've been extorted and racketeered from Obamacare I've had my invention stolen since 92 I've watched your government kill most of my friends and family and everything around me left and right as if it was some kind of humorous game, I've been getting stuck by its spy system for at least 20 years when I shook your vice President George Bush senior's hand out in Las Vegas in 1982 when I shook his hand I I got his frequency and I was spying on the government ever since with my telepathy so I think these aliens purposely set that up and when I told your government this about a year or so ago they ended up killing George Bush senior the same month when I told everybody this information and then I will since they all shook George Bush senior's hand then that means I can spy on them too whoever's hand I shake I can get your frequency and I can do whatever I want with these aliens to whoever's frequency I have!!

    My grandfather being a Mason and all my research leading up to all his Mason work and me being a stucco Mason 23 years and in the fire safety for 21 years of construction, therapist also, When I was doing stucco I would I was studying a reptilians lizards and ants wondering how they could survive so long without water and stuff and it says their their blood was more like a plasmatic blood so over the past 20 years or so I've been trying to turn my blood into a more plasmatic state by acting and studying and trying to live more like lizards and ants since they can go so long without water That's what I've been working on over the past 20 years was to try to work as much as I could with the at least amount of water as possible since water makes you rust and age then the least amount of water you have will make you age less quickly is what I had figured!!
    Aliens heard on families roof
    Something crawling around on my roof

    Alien nation
    warnings LED lights changing without remote to colors that correlate to my research or what I'm feeling or my emotions or what I'm about to do!!

    My house Jan 10,2020 crows warn visit
    Jan 15,2020 Crows Portland Oregon
    Jan 30,2020 crows in Texas
    Now watch this
    January 31st 2020 Crows and Hubai Providence China
    February 14th 2020 crows in Wuhan mass amounts
    February 9th 2020 crows and mosquitoes Wuhan Providence China
    January 29th 2020 Corona virus Wuhan Providence the crows have spoken
    My house March 18 2020 crows return

    Mason 23 years

    Fire safety 21 years

    I'm kind of kind of tired doing life life long military analyst I should have been able to retire from all my research but as you see I'm wiping out your planet with higher intelligences because of your government.

  • Notice who is in all these promoted YT videos, they are trying to convince the most gullible people in our society. If covid was a real pandemic do you think they would have to convince ANYONE to take a vax??

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