Ally: Yasmin Chowdhury & Backpack Aptitude Characteristic Overview | Fallout 76 Metal Daybreak

Yasmin Chowdhury is a brand new Fallout 76 ally and the very first falling into the lite allies class. As an alternative of providing missions, Yasmin presents an distinctive service.

41 thoughts on “Ally: Yasmin Chowdhury & Backpack Aptitude Characteristic Overview | Fallout 76 Metal Daybreak”

  • "it's the wasteland" OK granted but she is in my camp next to 3 sinks and 2 water pumps. As well as a massive mostly unused garden and about 8 massive pure water pumps. You have no reason to be dirty in my camp. And stop complaining about not having a farm seriously this annoys me about allies they are never happy. Other then Becket.

    Defense is bad oh sorry I thought having 6 rocket turrets was good enough my bad.
    Not orderly enough even if everything is obsessibly placed in order
    It's not quiet enough oh sorry I had to power the things keeping you alive my bad.
    Not enough water around here right sure let me just tear down my house to add 1 more pump.

    As for her. I'm most likely going to user-generated doctor. I all ready have the survival perk. And the what rads perk thinking of it. And the HP regen perk wow these new allies are useless to me

  • I hate how the backpacks don’t have straps over the players shoulders like a real backpack.. it’s just floating on your back… like they can make a “charm” to hang from it but can’t make the backpack itself look realistic. Whatever lol

  • I have a question…..(when I get back home then it's possible) I had a legendary fixer , not explosive k? What build should I use, commando or rifleman build? What do you prefer Innov?

  • Hi, I love UR videos. Can you please make a video about the daily ops rewards bug. I mean is a thing but seems like no one's like to talk about it. The game should give a different rare plan everyday for completing daily ops but instead its just giving a duplicate plan or sometimes never give U anything at all. Well, thanks for your vids and keep it up!

  • i feel like you should be able to have 1 major and 1 light ally, like yasmin and beckett. one for services and one for daily quests

  • Lol didn't know that she wants the scorchbeasts meat stew… I literally bought one or her after going through her dialogue and coming across the question if she has something she wants to try… if I knew I could turn it back in to her I would have hahahaha…

    I have removed her from my camp because she doesn't give me a daily xD but it might still be useful to have her back at my camp just for the meat buying option 🙂
    The survival syringe I really don't need because I always carry tonnes of food with me xD

  • Getting fed when hunger is no big deal is unfortunately not worth it over the (albeit very small) chance of getting an explosive gauss shotgun from the daily ally quest.

  • I just want the clean stove, the new ally is utterly useless. Also I had 2 backpacks and was able to attach the trinkets without creating new ones.

  • I didn’t have to make a new backpack for my trinket flair. All I had to do was go into the armor bench and modify my existing backpack. Maybe yours was bugged?

  • instead of adding such purely cosmetic and somewhat useless stuff as the backpack trinkets they should use their manpower to finally fix some more bugs. there are still dozens of bugs messing with players progress for months

  • I already unlocked the Doc, and I like Yasmin more, if anything because she seems to wander around more and seems to liven up my cabin a bit. Also has Mixed Scorchmeat Stew… despite her saying that she has yet to actually make it.

  • Hey everyone if you can just give a low level a gun to help them through the wasteland, I want to right my wrongs and you can too by completing my quests to be a better player, I used to kill low levels, lure them to workshops and kill them I used to request an U.S supply requisition, wait for them to get wanted by unlocking it and killing them, I wasnt doing it for fun I wanted all the resources I could get, but something changed I wanted to help instead of take, so I did. I can never give back to those I've wronged but I can give to those in need, I'm trying to be a better person and you can too so today I want you to give a low level a weapon.

  • I'm glad I watched this video before I got too excited about having Yasmin as an ally. I saw she was a merchant and got excited, but alas Bethesda screws us once again. She's worthless to me if I can't sell stuff to her.

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