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  • Coming down gradually with my antidepressant already for 6 months and still having awful withdrawals every day. My goal is to get off completely in the next 6 months but i'm afraid the antidepressant has done some permanent damage and i can't cope without it.

  • My Doctor put me on Lexapro last December, they never did me any good whatsoever, I asked him to taper me off them 3 weeks ago. I was taking 20 mg. he told me to start taking 10 mg. for Two Weeks. That's it! It's been a living hell. First 2 weeks weren't so bad, Now I've been in the bed for 7 days sick to my stomach with diarrhea. Wish I had refused to take them when he perscribed them.

  • Kaptain Ray Smithers

    i was on duloxetine 30mg and at the same time doctor prescribed me 50mg tramadol for arthritis pain in my spine. a few days after i started both i started having what i thought might be seizures i shrugged it off because i'm already worked up about everything that happens to me; but those stopped after a few days so i wasn't worrieid. i was sleeping all day and barely had enough energy for work. got back in with the doctor about a month and a half later and he took me off the duloxitine. now at this point im convinced i've been having seizures and the headaches all day are excruciating behind my eyes and like a strip section of my head and in the temples. im left so braindead that i can't function and can barely take care of myself. i feel so disabled and impaired.

  • Came off my Paxil after 6 years in less than a month at 10mg increments. Felt terribly flu like and would soak my clothes in sweat for the first half of decreasing it and then after I leveled out for a week at 30mg from previously taking 50mg, the withdrawal wasn’t nearly as bad. I had a nurse tell me I shouldn’t be withdrawing and I was like “shouldn’t be withdrawing my butt, lady! How do you even have a license? You’ve clearly never taken an antidepressant.” Of course I didn’t say this to her but I wanted to!! The whole point was to switch to something better working and a better fit for my genes after taking a GeneSight test. I’m trying Viibryd as of now.

  • Fuck you. How come all phych “doctors” are all a bunch of fatasses taking about things they probably have never even experienced. IM NOT YOUR FUCKING LAB RAT

  • Getting of AD is hell. You should taper 10 % per month. Problem is there are no right dosages. You have to pay for taperingstrips that are very expensive!
    Why do farmaceuticals not make smaller pills! (Dosis) Also for benzo’s en painkillers. I am happy with your’re video but you take it too lightly. Check out https://www.survivingantidepressants.org/.
    I think that half of the people in the world who are using AD, are using because they can’t come of it and than their doctor will say “ you need those pills. They mix withdrawal with relapse. Please make more video’s and involve farmaceuticals and politics for smaller dosis. Because now they start giving it for pain and sleep problems. Greetings from the Netherlands!

  • I quit cold turkey off bupropionhydrochlorid 150 mg after my my doctor told me its okay to go off cold turkey
    I took bupropion for two months
    2 weeks after quitting cold turkey i got the flu like Symptoms and it lasted for more than 2 months and that was february this year
    I am going through much pain all over my body
    I have brain zaps too and am highly sensitiv
    I get sometimes tightness in my chest and throat
    I shake and my heart beats quick and random and sometimes i get breathing Problems
    I get this bad taste in my mouth and my jaw hurts
    My body itches sometimes gets red
    I get panic attacks and i become aggressive
    I have this sad crying feeling very often
    There are so many
    I am going through much
    I have been taking neurexan and it doesnt really help
    I need help

  • After years of being on antidepressants I decided to just stop. After 4 days I was experiencing anxiety, night sweats, muscle cramps and terror. I went to the chemist and a naturopath told me to take these herbal tablets three times a day. I thought at the time that she couldn't be serious to think that something herbal could fix this withdrawal problem. But after 24 hours ALL the symptoms disappeared, it was a miracle. I took them for two months then decided to stop them as well. No withdrawals and I have been tablet free ever since. The tablets were Kava Calm (Karva 3g and Passionflower 1g each tablet) that I took 3 times/day. No stress coming off antidepressants.

  • I was on 20 mg of Fluoxetine for 18 years. Worked with my doctor to wean off completely. It has been a harrowing experience. So much pain, headache, weakness, agitation. Can’t wait for it all to get out of my body!

  • I've been slowly tapering off of Lexapro for 2 years, and am still having a rough time with it. I'm still not completely off. The health profession needs to really address this issue. These drugs are really hard to get off of, and many doctors are way to liberal with prescribing these.

  • I've been on venlafaxine (effexor) 225mg daily dose for over 3yrs. (had very bad depression for over 6yrs. Im 23 now. Medicine student. Now ive been depression free for about 6months. I started tapering off the meds about a month ago. Had to do it my own way (going reaaaally slow) since the doctor recommended I drop the dose to 150mg for a week and drop it again further the second week. The withdraval was hell with such a huge drop in dosage. Had to bring it back up.
    Please go slow if you are planning to drop the dose. I opened up the capsules and took only one of the little medicine balls out of the capsule per week and i'm still experiencing severe withdraval effects. Wish me luck getting healthy.

  • You say that we should expect withdrawal effects, as if this is common knowledge. We go to doctors for this information and they are not providing it upfront. It's also not being included in the warnings, like side effects are. This needs to be looked at for customer safety.
    I had bad side effects to my antidepressant, was weaned off and now am going through horrible withdrawal that I never anticipated. Had I been warned of this, I might of made a different decision.

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