Are soccer gamers underestimating their threat of concussion? – Healthcare Economist

That’s the query by a latest paper in by Baugh et al. (2020) in JAMA Open. The authors surveyed almost 300 present school soccer gamers from four groups within the 5 best NCAA soccer conferences. They discovered that:

Of the 265 individuals for whom all related knowledge had been out there, 111 (42%) underestimated their threat of concussion (χ2 = 98.6; P = .003). The same proportion of athletes (113 [43%]) underestimated their threat of harm, though this was not statistically important (χ2 = 34.0; P = .09). Another analytic technique steered that 241 athletes (91%) underestimated their threat of harm (Wilcoxon statistic, 7865; P < .001) and 167 (63%) underestimated their threat of concussion (Wilcoxon statistic, 26 768; P < .001).

General, the reply looks as if that reply is ‘sure’, athletes are underestimating their threat of concussion, however not at broadly low charges. This research doesn’t, nevertheless, get at whether or not people understand the severity of a concussion precisely. In anticipated worth phrases, soccer’s threat includes seemingly chance of harm instances the anticipated harm ranges conditional on the occasion occurring. The Baugh et al. research solely offers with the primary challenge. A follow-on research ought to study whether or not soccer gamers are precisely understanding concussion severity.

An essential matter to insure that soccer gamers and their households internalize dangers and advantages of enjoying this sport.

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