Take These Damaged Wings — Therapeutic from Schizophrenia, Treatment with out Remedy (FULL FILM)

This movie is in 22 languages on Youtube: 日本語 (Japanese): Deutsch (German): Español (Spanish): Français (French): العربية (Arabic): עברית (Hebrew): 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese language): 繁體中文 (Conventional Chinese language): Nederlands (Dutch): Ελληνικά (Greek): Italiano (Italian): Português (Portuguese): Hrvatski (Croatian): Svenska (Swedish): Dansk (Danish): Suomi (Finnish): Norsk (Norwegian): Lietuvių (Lithuanian): Русский (Russian): Čeština (Czech): Български (Bulgarian): English […]

Easy methods to Be a Psychiatrist – 9 Years of Schooling in 9 Minutes

My web site: My Patreon:    I truly imagine that it’s doable to coach somebody in a short time to be a comparatively purposeful, run-of-the-mill psychiatrist. This video factors out how such an schooling may unfold, together with unscientific diagnoses, huge overuse of antipsychotics and different psychiatric medication, and normal lack of ethics within the […]

The Psych Med Track: antipsychiatry tune on psychiatric medicine

••• This tune is from my album “Songs from the Locked Ward,” written and recorded in the summertime of 2009. Music video from 2015. A bit of comedy to lighten the horror…. Album obtainable at: LYRICS: Prozac Buspar Xanax too Haloperidol for you Zoloft Zyban Trazodone Antabuse and Methadone if neuroleptics make you shake then […]