Azithromycin: The best way to Use, When to Use, and Aspect Results || Covid-19 || Practo

Azithromycin is a drugs that was continuously within the information for its means to deal with COVID-19 sufferers. However there have been numerous questions round Azithromycin …

14 thoughts on “Azithromycin: The best way to Use, When to Use, and Aspect Results || Covid-19 || Practo”

  • This stuff is a godsend. I had a serious lung infection from Covid-19 and am now on Day 8. Three days ago my symptoms started getting really bad and I couldn’t breathe. My doctor prescribed Prednisone and Azithromycin yesterday around 2:00pm. I took both around 3:00pm and by 8:00pm started seeing significant improvement. My lungs started clearing up and the pain and discomfort started to fade. Today, I have been hacking up a lung but it has become more productive and I am not having trouble breathing. I am still not out of the woods yet but it’s working.

  • Our Lady of Fatima Parish ANABU II

    its true that azythromycin can cure covid 19 as per my experienced.. Last November i got severe flu with high fever because i have a sore throat..Usually my doctor prescribed this antibiotic evertime i have a sore throat with fever in three days. the past year for three days my flu disappear however last year i have a flu for two months , but thanks with my doctor for giving me the initial treatment of azythromicin plus cough mediicine …if im not treat with this drugs definitely im dead now…

  • I just got prescribed this today. I have a respiratory infection from being exposed to a lot of dust. I had covid in June. The video makes sense about secondary complications by bacteria. I think my lungs were damaged by covid in June and this helps my current bacterial infection

  • I dont understand why delhi doctors mention Amoxicillin potassium 625 to there covid patient even they said take 3 times a day that is too much heavy antibiotic

  • Dr.Nikhil Aggarwal

    wrong spelling for class : its written mycrolytic… it should be macrolide !! Didn't expect practo to do this error. (refer to 0.32 seconds in video)

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