8 thoughts on “Bupropion – Psychopharmacology”

  • I'm upset for being not encountered with this channel till today. But in this video, there are some mute parts which maybe due to some technical problems. Still great video!

  • I would NOT recommend taking the Buproprion XL along with Cymbalta. I ended up with Seratonin Syndrome and gained 35 pounds in 4 months. It slowly added on so I didn't realize anything at first…but I started to have many illnesses..my immune system became compromised, I was even hospitalized only for a facial infection stemming from cystic acne that got infected…eventually, I was sweating so much and had continuous diarrhea and even after telling my psychologist all of this he never mentioned it could be the meds and I believed him because I felt mentally fine. Well once I stopped taking it, I lost 10 pounds within the first week. I stopped sweating so much and I started to be calmer but peppier if that makes sense. Never take 2 anti depressents together ever!!!

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