Cluster Complications

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  • I managed to combat my cluster headache by drinking 3l of water a day, regular hard exercises (not just a small walk), make sure to have enough sleeo, and avoiding drinking "heavy" drinks e.g. red wine, whiskey. I hope this helps someone

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  • i’ve been getting headaches for years and i’m trying to figure out what it is, i get them in the left side of my head, i get them like everyday, they will be really bad for like 30 minutes to 2 hours then go then come back later, it feels like someone’s stabbing the back of my eye and temple and normally also affects my ear and jaw and back of my neck, they hurt less when i’m pacing around the room then staying still. my mum says it’s because i’m on my phone too much but i don’t think so, anyone have advice?

  • ##Solution to Cluster headache ##

    My symptoms- i get sharp eye pain, starts on particular time of the day for more than week. lasts for similar time everyday,usually 1.5 hours. Eye get extremely Red, feel thirsty, sweating in the body. Become sensitive to sound and light.

    What worked for me –
    I took steam 2 times a day, simply boil water in small pan/bowl, put it on table cover your head completely with towel so steam doesn’t get out. Put timer for 10mins. Breath in from nose and breath out by mouth. It worked like charm for me. I was getting it for week, i took steam on 8th day and it dint get headache that day, took it for 2-3 days no headache, again i dint take steam for 2 days headache returned. So definitely steam worked for me.

    Imp*** – Do Not , I repeat, Do Not take steam if headache already started , it will worsen the condition, you should take steam with gap of 4 hours from your headache timing; before or after.

    I hope it will help. I know how painful and scary it is.

  • Hey i have it for 2 days now, im kinda worry i dont know if this is normal i have it like side of my left eye, it doesnt hurt unless i blink it hurts a little bit but when i touched it, its so painful i cant focus on my online schools and stuff please tell me if this is normal

  • I went through the the ringer with this shit. I recently got a general occipital nerve block on both sides and I'm on less meds and getting better . If anyone hasn't tried it and are fed up etc . This is a good option .Might work . Hope it does if you do.

  • I hve been suffering Cluster Headaches since I was a teenager. Nearly 40 now. Actually hving a bout of them now. Hve had to hve 3 days off work cause they mainly come at night after I hve gone to sleep. So this disrupts my sleep. Then I take Pregabalin. An anti epileptic drug. This then makes me drowsy as hell. So with the lack of sleep & the drowsiness, there's now way I can function safely & properly at work. Unless your a sufferer, the pain is indescribable. Just excruciating. Luckily these bouts only last about 3 weeks. So I just hve to suffer through it. So to any other sufferers of this curse, I feel your pain literally. Stay strong.

  • My dad has confirmed cluster headache.

    He has the episodes for about 45mins-1hr, 10-15 times a day. But, unlike most people I watched that has this, his cluster headache happens only every 5 years, and lasts for about 1-2months.

  • I have the same pain .. about 10 years ago! I tried everything.. and until now I feel the fucker cluster headache right side of my head I feel like my right eye will go’s a really too painful… it’s coming to me every year and take about 1-2 weeks!.. if I take the medicaments or not. the pain take 1-2 weeks every year! and after that I feel nothing the pain stoping. I wish the healthy for everyone!

  • Could an ophthalmic shingle cause the same symptoms?

    I had ALL the symptoms you listed for cluster headache: over 50 yo male, one side affected, centered on eye, swollen lids, red eye, headache started at exact same time each night (midnight), my eye would water, my nose felt stuffed up, I felt pain in my neck and head as well.

    Short version: I had a shingle, that is like a chicken pox lesion, inside of my eye. Called it a 'herpetic dendritic lesion'.  

    Perhaps I also had a cluster headache, but a trip to the ER and a trip to an ophthalmologist came up with the shingle as the cause.

    Long version: My original symptoms went on for over a week. It was like being shot every night. Last night the headache started and did not stop. By 6am (6 hours of suffering excruciating pain) my wife's alarm went off and I asked her to take me to the ER to make sure I was not having a clot in my eye or my brain.

    I must have passed through 15 different personnel at the shift change. I mentioned cluster headache to all of them. No one responded. I mentioned pure O2 as a treatment. No response.

    They ran a CT scan to check for clots, and had doped me up with a benadryl drip to combat my allergy to the contrast dye. Nothing unusual. They drew blood. Nothing unusual.

    By noon I was exhausted from no sleep, incredible pain, and lots of benadryl, and sitting in an eye doctor's office. He took 10 minutes to dilate my pupil and see the lesion. Now I have a month of antivirals to swallow, and two weeks of drops.

  • Valproate is also a great preventive painkiller. It helped reduce my pain by about 80-90% when i had a cluster headaches 10 years ago. Lucky did not return yet.

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