Ought to I pour Concrete or lay Brick, Block or Stucco in Freezing temperatures, I give my private opinion. All my movies are my methods and concepts I all the time counsel …


  • I have done thousands of Foundation's and Floors in Freezing cold weather. Although not ideal, I'm comfortable pouring at 25 degrees and up. I have never had to redo one in my 25 years. I once poured concrete on ice for a test left it uncovered temps about 20 for low it was as hard as a rock next morning harder than my covered walls.

  • Happy New Year 2021 Mike! Many thanks Mike for all your good advice and wisdom on masonry work! Your attitude is inspiring and i wish there were more masons out there with true knowledge and skills and honesty. MHSOHK is definitely an excellent school to attend… looking forward to new videos and case studies from you! Best wishes

  • i agree with you mike i worked for a family owned steel co. in Delaware and they did all their own work if they could do it cost effectively we had three prefab buildings to erect on a coalesce and the steel was coming sooner than they thought the ground was frozen over three feet thick but didnt know it at the time we were pouring the footers a mason co. was doing the block, the steel co. they had a backhoe and bounced off of it they got the jack hammer out ha ha didnt do nothing so i suggested a 3'000 pound hammer on a hoe they went with a skid steer 500 pound hammer we used it but was slow going and only going less then a foot deep at a shovel depth and still beating up the hoe so they got a bigger track hoe it still bounced we didnt realize how thick the frost was it took 10 days or more to do the first footer once we did on the other two footers we got the bigger 3'000 pound hammer and a bigger track hoe dug them all out a month later we poured the footers in feb 5 degree weather the concreate company said we were the only ones pouring that day they went out and bought blankets a lot of blankets lol and like you said they juiced up the mix should they have poured that time of the year i think not that was one of the years we had really cold weather it was around 1999 and i never saw frost that thick

  • Merry Christmas Mike, thanks for passing on the traditions. Heres a rare gift……… of singing girls, smoother songs than half melted butter on raw bread……………Trio Mandili Haralali Haralalo. Even the stonework looks like bread stacked up and thats what they sing about here. They have about 35 other videos up. All conservative too.

  • thanks Mike, if it can be too cold to pour concrete and lay brick etc can it also be too hot to do it? Is there an upper limit to the temperature for concrete to work properly at?

  • I put some mortar when it was just around 40F out during the day. At night it goes to about 30. The mortar was applied at around 11 am, giving it a good 5-6 hours of daytime before temp started dropping. Day 2 and 3 are similar in temperature patterns. Will it be ok or will ice crystals cause problems? This is for mortaring concrete pavers onto/into concrete steps. Used type S mortar mix.

  • I'm on an infrastructure job. A bridge in NYC. Inspectors won't even allow a sidewalk pour much less the deck below 45. Has to be 45 and rising. Then heat blankets. They even check rebar temperature.

  • I wonder how that radio tower slab is looking today, it would be neat if you could go and get some video of it. I also noticed that this video has no thumbs down. Sounds like good advice!

  • thanks Mike. You can't help a person who want to remain ignorant or thinks that the laws of expansion of water below 32 Faharenheit doesn't exist for them.

  • What do you charge square ‘ for block, brick, stone, and caps just wondering I am going to be starting my own small company in like 4 months and trying to figure prices out and I am out of Missouri.

  • Thanks so much for all the great content that you put under the tree all year long. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope that there’s something good for you under your tree.

  • I just tell my customers the same thing(although it can be done ) so i can go fishing in 70 to 80 degree weather in florida for two months. For some reason it doesnt snow down there. Tell em mike. The juice isnt worth the squeeze

  • When it gets cold, then it's no longer a job. It's a battle.

    I've been there. Folks dragging their feet to decide, then they 'need to have it right away. I'm done with that too.

    Take care Mike. Happy holidays

  • Well said Mike. I think we measure Celsius instead of Fahrenheit in the uk. Our building regulations say “if it ain’t +2, don’t do”.
    It hasn’t been a bad building year over here weather wise, (Preston, Lancashire, Uk), got plenty done, earned some honest money building driveways and such. 35 years in the game and I know you gotta save some of that money for those rainy days, those cold months, that’s what I tell the young ‘uns.
    All the best Mike, raise a glass to a better New Year for all.

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