Coronary heart Surgical procedure By means of the Wrist? Catheterization & Stent – Dr. Stephen Tann, Carson Tahoe Cardiology

Usually, for stent placement, the femoral artery within the groin, is the usual entry web site. Dr. Stephen Tann, Interventional Heart specialist, reveals why the radial …

31 thoughts on “Coronary heart Surgical procedure By means of the Wrist? Catheterization & Stent – Dr. Stephen Tann, Carson Tahoe Cardiology”

  • I'm going to have this done 11/27/19 I made my self watch this video. Now that I have seen it I'm extra nervous. Just the thought of someone messing with my heart scares me to death!!! Please keep me in prayer… Thanks

  • Thank you so much for posting this, my friend's husband just had this procedure done and it is good to know a little about what he is dealing with.

  • I think I'll be having this done next week. This video is from 5 years ago, so I find it conforting that this is safely the state of the art.

  • well Im looking forward to try this . I had one stint and my heart area ,it now don't make squishing noise like water going through a narrow area under high pressure . but I think I need a new one in a different area

  • Any loss of finger,hand,or wrist movement post procedure? How long on average if done right,does the wrist feel normal again and pain free.As a guitarist I am concerned..

  • Just had a femoral cath done yesterday and need to go back for 2 more stents.This is a phenomenal video.I'm a guitarist and the radial way kinda scared me.I think I would prefer the radial route next cath.Thx so much for sharing this with us!

  • This past Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018, I had a radial artery heart catheterization done by Dr. Russell Jones and staff at Phoebe Putney Hospital in Albany, GA. This was the next step after having self-diagnosed angina pectoris, submitted to a stress test, and followed up on the cardiologist's appointment for the procedure. It was initially exploratory but lead to the insertion of one stent where there was maybe 80% blockage in the left anterior descending artery, just ahead of the first branching. I experienced no pain whatsoever during or after the procedure and was able to go home the next day. I no longer have chest or upper arms pains or shortness of breath when walking around town at a normal pace. I continue to be amazed at the advances in technology and the skills needed to do this kind of life-saving work. I didn't find Dr. Tann's video until just today; I simply had to see up close what Dr. Jones and staff had done! Thanks for your skills – and for producing the video.

  • Genial ! Great ! 🙂 Greetings, I do not have any problems but I express my admiration to the doctors 🙂 You are greater then the astronauts 🙂 Astonishing 🙂

  • Awesome I had the same thing done as an emergency procedure 20 minutes after a heart Attack it literally saved my life big thank you to all the medical staff at the Royal hospital Edinburgh

  • I just had a heart cath last Tuesday. The Dr tried to go through my wrist. Very, very painful and I’ll never do it again. My arm went to having spasms. He got it to my elbow and decided to go through my groin. I know it helps a lot of people, but it didn’t work on me.

  • I am a 56 yr old female and had a 99 per cent blockage in the same artery as this guy. 2 weeks later, I am getting strong again. It was the best surgery I ever had. There was some pressure and bit of pain, but it was over quick, it was tolerable. Is amazing what they can do!

  • I had this done a week ago, and I feel wonderful. I had one of the very few surgeons in Indiana that can do this procedure through the wrist, and He was wonderful, and recovery time with blockage, and heart attack is just a miracle.

  • Thank you for your video. Had this done 3 weeks ago and of course I don't remember a thing. Nice to see what took place. providence St Vincent in Portland Oregon

  • Thank you for your life saving work and sharing this video. My husband had a heart attack on Saturday. 6.4.16 The Dr.'s did a cardiac catheterization on Monday 6.6.16, and decided to move forward and place three stents in the arteries. He is getting better now and will go home soon. This was indeed very educational.

  • So glad this was here. I'm having this procedure done next week for diagnostic purposes (as they are not sure I need the stent, yet). Seeing it for myself takes a way a lot of the pre-procedure anxiety.

  • very good video and info just one question can you blow out an artery with the balloon or the stent if it did happen is death what happens? sorry for such a gory question I am very nervous about having this done and would rather be asleep when they do it

  • It is absolutely amazing how this medical technology is so quick and effective in the hands of a skilled surgeon. I had my wake-up call a few weeks back, and admitted myself to the emergency section of a hospital. Within 30 hours I was on the slab and chatting with the surgeon and his team. Within a few minutes of going in, the problem was located: a 90% blocked artery. It was immediately stented, and within a few minutes I was back in recovery. Problem fixed !! Thanks for the video. I can appreciate anew how it was done and the resolution granted to me. and feel very thankful. Going to be much more careful about food and drink in the future. Very special work.

  • On 28th May,2015 I am scheduled for catherization and may be a stent placement if required, at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. I have already gone through 4 or 5 caths without getting any stents placed ( may be it was not required). This time my Cardio said that he will do it through wrist and I was not sure how it could be, but watching this video gives me a pre procedure knowledge and I am happy that it is much much better than femoral artery procedure. Thanks Dr. Stephen Tann.

  • Wow! This is amazing! I've had 3 MI's, several cardiac caths and 15 stents placed. All through the femoral artery. If there's a next time, I'd prefer it done like this. I see my Cardiologist in a few weeks. I'll be mentioning it.

  • My husband is having this done on 3-26-15. We were pretty scared. He's 59.9years old. After watching doesn't seem so terrible an ominous. ( I'm still scared for him,not quiet as bad. But still am) the cardio Dr is doing his they r.arm also! He just said he is relaxed now. I'm glad it relieved some of the fear for him. Also, he has ultimate high b.p. Hopefully this might help that too. Thank you so much for this video of the procedure. And thank you Hector for allowing them to video your stent. Hope you are well and are feeling good. Have a blessed day. May your walk today have you feeling like someone is beside you. So much so, you turn around to look,see who is there. This is the Lord walking with you,not against you. Feel that..that's His love for us.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I'll be having this procedure next week and my Cardiologist said he will go through my wrist. You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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