Coronavirus Conversations – Day 22: COVID-19 Signs and Reinfection Potential

Right this moment, we’re trying into signs and testing, and I will be taking your questions. You will discover the assets talked about on this and different movies right here: …

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  • It's Saturday afternoon and I'm only about half way through this video.

    However, there are already so many things I'd like to talk about but I don't think I can tell all of them.

    So I'll talk only about the importance of wearing 'good' masks to prevent transmission of this infectious disease.

    As all of you may know by this time, this virus can infect people through various routes, not only through the mouth or nose.

    However, I can clearly say that wearing 'good' masks does help though it cannot prevent 100%.

    First of all, I should briefly explain what the differences of the masks we are wearing in Korea.
    They are quite different from the ones that most of other nations in the world imagine.

    For example, we have masks of different grades such as KF80, KF94, KF99.

    KF means 'Korea Filter' and what do you see in the numbers?

    80, 94, 99 mean the blocking rate of the masks which means that KF80 is the one tested and proven to block more than 80% and KF94 can block more than 94% and so on.

    Then, what do they block?

    Korean people have been suffering from the fine dust and yellow dust which mainly come from China downwind.

    It started happening since China built a lot of factories.

    I think it's been more than 20 years now.

    It has been much more serious than you can imagine.

    When it's serious, we can see it clearly.

    It looks as if the sky was covered by some grey stuff like a dome.

    I can even see the black and grey dust on my desk very clearly when I leave the window open for a while.

    Sometimes, yellow dust comes, especially during the spring time,

    In that condition, if people go out without wearing masks, their throats will certainly feel uncomfortable right away.

    The problem of the fine dust is that it causes many serious diseases such as cancers because the fine dust contains toxic things like heavy metals and it's very hard to take it out of the body as the size is too small.

    We have been bring up the issue for years and years, over a decade but Chinese government never cares.

    It's certainly been one of the most serious
    environmental as well as social problems in Korea.

    Then what can we do to live next to the kind of government who never even listens to.

    So Korean people have developed the good quality masks to block the fine dust.

    Sometimes, it continues for days as it mostly depends on the drift of the wind and the weather.

    During that time, people cannot even open the window for days so a lot of people started using air cleaners, too ( though i'm not sure what air cleaners can do in this virus crisis. I personally wouldn't recommend air cleaners for the virus as the situation is different. I saw no one recommended air cleaners for virus. ).

    The diameter of fine dust is less than 10㎛ and ultra-fine particle's diameter is less than 2.5㎛ and the diameter of hair is usually about 50-70㎛.

    Then, you see how small the find dust and ultra fine particle are.

    And the numbers of the masks indicate that they block more than 80 or 94 or 99% of the dust that is about 4-6㎛ on average.
    . KF80 : 0.6㎛ – more than 80%

    . KF94 : 0.4㎛ – more than 94%

    . KF99 : 0.4㎛ – more than 99%

    The mask structure is like this :

    outer felt → filter → inner felt

    So the filters, for example KF94 filter, will be placed in the middle of the outer and inner felt.

    Then, how small the virus is?

    As far as I know, the diameter of the virus is 0.1㎛ and I heard that the diameter of this Coronavirus 0.1~0.2㎛.

    Then you may have a question how and how much the masks can help to prevent transmission of the virus which is smaller than 0.4㎛.

    It is the fact and the logic based on the fact.

    But the thing is that virus often moves with or through such things like droplets even if you cannot see the droplets when you are talking.
    Given that the size is smaller, viruses can pass through the mask's filter but actually, some or many of them can be filtered which means that it certainly can help to reduce the chance of infection.

    Let's see what happened in real life.

    I will tell you the stories of 3 Korean people who tested positive.

    ( As the comment is long and YouTube doesn't allow long ones, I will post it separately. )

  • What are your thought on time restricted eating and calorie restriction to improve immunity abs reduce the risk of Coronavirus complications?

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