COVID-19 Prevention Outpatient Remedy, Kaplan Middle for Integrative Medication

In 1985, Dr. Kaplan created the Kaplan Clinic in Arlington, Virginia, to supply sufferers affected by power ache and sickness a more practical mannequin of medical care …

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  • I’ve not seen a study that says masks make a difference, their are only two studies of any note, the Vietnam one, and the recent Dutch one, and both came to the same conclusion, mask made little to no difference, and the PCR test should not be used as a diagnostic tool, IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN

  • As of today (21st January 2021) there have been 4,779 deaths in Japan compared with 93,290 in the UK – yet the population of Japan is 50% larger than the UKs. In the UK no treatment is prescribed for Covid-19 until you cant breathe and then hospitalised, and by then you are very seriously ill. But still the Government and media (BBC, ITV, and SKY ) will not mention IVERMECTIN , its as if they are deliberately allowing UK citizens to die in their thousands!!

  • I don't think that any doctor in my area will prescribe ivermectin so I have self-medicated. I first applied topical veterinary IVM for several months. When the I–MASK Protocol was published my wife & I both started it and we're now in the 7th week. We're both in our early 80s and we had our first Moderna vaccination 2 weeks ago. We also maintain a high blood level of vitamin D (>70 ng/ml) and I also take the other recommended supplements. Many of our friends and fellow church members have been infected and two friends have died from Covid but so far we've dodged the bullet.

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