Darkish Brown Henna Dye

Hello there! Immediately we have now a video about our Darkish Brown Henna Dye. The method could be a little complicated, so we needed to make issues simpler so that you can …

2 thoughts on “Darkish Brown Henna Dye”

  • I had the same thoughts.. Do we rinse out step one pure henna and dry our hair, then apply step two dark brown? Or does step one henna stay in and apply the dark brown over it to combine? Clarification needed!

  • This video doesnt mention cleaning and drying your hair in between step 1 (application of pure henna,) and step 2 adding the dark brown powder ). But yet ur instructions on pamphlet says under adding the dark brown powder to make sure your hair is clean and dry?? Your instructions need lots more clarification. Ugh!!

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