Depersonalization & Derealization | What Is It & How Can You Get better?

Right now I’ll speak to you about my most DREADFUL anxiousness symptom I had: Depersonalization and Derealization, in any other case often known as DPDR or emotions of …

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  • This is one of the thing so hate most because I have travel anxiety. Not just being in a car or plane but literally just walking from point A to point B. I go on autopilot and very often have no ideas how I got somewhere or how I got off of a bus or into a car. During Rona I haven’t had to leave my house unless I need groceries and it’s actually helped not needing to be outside very often.

    I mostly just deal with the eye blurriness now but it’s honestly much more manageable than the travel dissociation.

  • Something like this happened to my last Friday but I though it was bc I been watching to much screen. However I don’t conceder myself to have anxiety or PTSD.

  • Thank you so much, I have felt this way for months and I didn't know how to deal with it or how to explained it to other people , I felt like giving up but seeing your video really helped me and now I know what to do when I feel like that aging. Seeing how you have come through it give me hope and that everything is going to be okay, thank you.

  • I never knew this was a thing. I actually went to get my eyes checked because I would get that haziness/film over my vision. The eye doctor told me my vision is fine (because it is) but I was so confused because I was thinking about how I couldn’t see things well or read street signs. Thank you for the information! It makes me feel a lot less alone

  • I thought I was alone and I was crazy ,didn't know this has a name and nobody would understand or help me out honestly thank u so much for this video,it's literally a ray of hope n I hope someday I get over it because it's so scary and I hope nobody ever experiences this

  • omg this literally helped me so much right now, i’ve had dp for about 6 months on and off and it’s been the hardest most exhausting 6 months of my life, and many times i just thought that i was gonna go crazy and this is it nothing will ever help me, but then it went away, but then it came back, right now it’s back and pretty bad but this video just gives me hope! excepting these feelings is the hardest thing to do, i feel like i’m so out of control and i’m not myself ):

  • Just wanna say thank you as I’ve came here from Instagram. I been struggling with this feeling for months now. But at the end of the day that’s all it is, a feeling. I’m working on that acceptance and hoping my body gets out of that fight or flight response. I’ve always been against meds so I’ve been doing talk therapy and just working on acceptance day by day. Also exercise seems to bring me back briefly !

  • Thank you for being transparent with your personal difficulties. I've never been to the point of derealization, but I can definitely see how that can happen. Great tips and transparency!

  • This was so helpful! I’ve dealt with anxiety and more specifically depersonalization since I was a kid. No one knew what was going on with me and when I tried to explain these symptoms they looked at me like I was crazy. Thank you for sharing this and letting people know that this is a normal experience!

  • I had DPDR 2 yrs ago when I was extremely stressed and under pressure at work. I was scared to tell anybody because I was convinced it was schizophrenia. I got diagnosed with anxiety (due to and overactive thyroid) 2 months ago and started therapy. I‘m so happy that I finally took this step. I am taking loads of meds at the moment but I feel so much better. I am able to work again, drive my car and go to the grocery store. Things I couldn‘t do for a long time. Thanks for this video. Everybody who struggles with any form of anxiety, I feel you!! we are stronger than this x

  • Hey babe, I notice you have lash extensions. How do you get them done without having a panic attack? My dpdr started Because I was getting my lashes done and I had a full blown panic attack and I had no Choice but to stay still. I wanna get them done again but I’m so terrified!

  • Can anyone tell me, it is with me nearly 15 Months, It is becoming something
    It pains in back of my head, some nerves are being pulled and my neck becomes stiff, it's horrible
    I don't know what to do, it affects my performance and productivity

  • YES! I was terrified when 1st experiencing this, mentioned it to my doctor since I assumed it might be a bloodsugar thing since I felt so out of it. Dr immediately looked at me horrified said I must be Schizophrenic (I am not at all!) and I was so scared. After reading this on your page I literally cried with relief. Mine seems to come and go depending on how high my anxiety is. Forever still struggle with it in conversations though, tend to pull out and detach. Going to therapy soon and looking forward to the day I have relief

  • This happened to me my first semester of college and I didn’t know what was happening I thought I hit my head and would never be the same. Thank you for sharing and talking about this scary effect of anxiety.

  • This happens to me 24/7 and I’m really hoping it goes away. Been like this for a month. It’s almost like if it weren’t my for sense of sight I’d feel/be in this very dark void. It’s so isolating and uncomfortable. How would you deal with it if it doesn’t come in episodes and is just there all the time?

  • This is actually a new anxiety symptom for me. It started about a year or so ago and it always started an anxiety attack when it would come around. About a month ago I decided to tell my boyfriend how I was feeling. Like, nothing was real or if I was having a conversation with someone, I would freak out because I can hear words coming from somewhere and realize it was me speaking. Very scary. After telling him, he made me feel like this was normal and that if this happens, to just let him know so that he can assure me that I’m not in any danger. It hasn’t gone away but I’m not having the attacks anymore.

  • No one ever understood me when I talked about experiencing this. I went through this when I was at my lowest, I was struggling with anxiety, depression, and multiple eating disorders. I barely remember being there, I had to ask my family what I was like and how it affected me from the outside. I felt trapped, lost and like I was floating. I spent almost 2 years like this. I’ve recovered from the eating disorders for over a year and my anxiety is finally at a point where I can function in my daily life. I still struggle and have panic attacks but I’m happy with the place I’ve gotten myself to.

    I would describe going through this feeling like your life is a horror movie or so painful to watch, all you can do is scream inside your mind to stop or ask for help, to even reach a point where it feels like no one can hear you.

    I really appreciate you talking about this. I feel a lot less alone knowing other people have gone through this as well.

  • Thank you for sharing … this is amazing information!
    May you please put less music on the background, it’s so distracting… and also I would enjoy it more if you talk with a calmer voice … that makes everyone comprehend information more
    Thank you

  • What about when the physical symptoms go but you can be left with a lot of the thoughts that go along with it? I ended up with existential thoughts about reality and my own existence from my dpdr episode. The physical symptoms have gone but I am in a terrible cycle of questioning my reality and if everything is my imagination.

  • Thank you so much. I've been experiencing this for years already, the way you explained and gave us tips was really helpful. I had looked for help in so many different places, but I think the only thing I've never done was actually ACCEPTING it properly.

  • This has been happening to me for so long and I didn’t know it had a name. Thank you for putting this video out so other people can understand.

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