Douglas Bloch Livestream Video #203

On this video, creator and melancholy survivor Douglas Bloch solutions questions from viewers about all elements of psychological well being restoration. Stay video chats are …

6 thoughts on “Douglas Bloch Livestream Video #203”

  • Thank you Douglas for all your videos. I am still indecisive over a decision of going back to an old job since the new job sent me into depression with acute insomnia

  • Currently in covid jail aka mandated isolation
    I have another week to go …. I was hardly holding on as it was
    I separated from my hubby a month ago ….I just want to sleep through it. My motivation is zero and the financial stress is high

  • The-Fearless-Nightmare

    Hello. I am very depressed and your amazing thank you for all you do. I get depressed every day and I just hide it I hide it I don’t tell anyone I just don’t do anything i just get more depressed

  • I'm currently dealing with severe Anxiety that controls me and what feels like schizo effective disorder and I live in a state where mental health help takes a very long time and I'm current at the moment trying to decide if I should go to an acute inpatient for the 12th time or not. I have a job lined up finally and I'll know if I got it tomorrow and I don't want to lose the opportunity idk what to do

  • I didn’t get to make the stream but I’ve been struggling with a lot of guilt over a mistake, I truly want to improve my life, move on, be a better person in general but any glimpse of hope/happiness I have gets shut down because I feel that I don’t deserve any of the privileges given to me anymore, how do I get out of these depressive/anxious episodes/feelings and truly move on?

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