DPS Week Pt 2 : How Good Are You Actually?

It has turn out to be more and more tough to match your self to different gamers. The standard strategies are out of date and right here is why.

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  • Just Josh

    I know this is not the best way, but in early wod i was using the dps meters against dummies to try to figure what gear was better, i had no clue if i needed multi or haste, or mastery, so id just equip something and see what it did to my damage

  • Hey preach ask mr robot has incredible logs that track mechanic specific details like who took damage from avoidable mechanics , who did most damage on priority mobs etc.

  • Martin Dolmer Andersen

    u serious?.. skada is the most usefull addon for raiding (at least for raidleaders/officers).. it shows literally everything… which player did their job.. who failed to damage the elementalists optimally  (i realise some classes are better than others at thi) .. which healer were slacking on dispells.. did anyone take too much damage that was avoidable… who didnt use a healing tonic… who were dealing a bunch of damage to adds that doesnt matter, just to look good on skada itself… this player died mid fight, did he recieve prober healing at that point, what caused the death… As a raidleader I find it tough whats more usefull, dbm or skada

  • What i use skada, is only to see am i keeping up with buffs/debufs on me, that is it. damage is irrelevant. As i play survival, i try to keep BA uptime of the fight at or above 75%, with SS i feel i did good if uptime is above 97%, as for buffs i try to keep heavyshots above 65%. that is the only use for skada for me.

  • Recount causes Memory Leakage and can cause heavy lags, even if your PC is a NASA Supercomputer. Stick with Skada, it does everything even a Raidleader or a Tank needs.

  • great video. thanks for giving me something to think about and giving me a chance to really think about how i am doing in my raid and am i actually doing the best job i can. I am a shadow priest so for example am i making sure all the spears die on darmac? are the cannons dyeing fast enough on thogar? should i perhaps focus more on boss damage than adds on thogar? i really appreciate this. more people need to see this video. and thanks to you i do not look at damage meters quite the same.

  • I agree with almost everything on this video, but Damage meters kind of give you a general idea of how much dps your doing. Some bosses you can somewhat do this on, such as The butcher (im a warrior btw) in highmaul. There is no adds, just 1 unit and im targeting him 100% of the time. The only drawback is occasional knockbacks during the fight, but i can charge immediately after getting knockback and start doing damage and it feels like nothing has happened. So i sometimes use bosses like The Butcher as like a baseline of how much dps i can really can do on a fight.

  • A great use we have found for Skada is the "Enemy Damage Taken" while progressing on Blackhand Heroic some weeks ago. Gives a great picture of who are going up to the balcony to kill the Iron Soldiers and who are missing the smash. Had 1 person doing over 50% of the damage there with a tank in 2nd, means that the other dps that were supposed to go up failed to do so (consitently).

  • this will take years to get into the minds of the majority of players – if at all.

    Current main stream is "ilvl", "dps", "hps" – if too low -> you have failed. Nothing about who followed mechanics, who camped the fire…

    Thank you for creating this after your race to best ranked DK.

  • I want to disagree with you in a very small way. Guilds that are actually good… yeah DPS meters matter less. But there are some bad guilds where there is a straight up DPS minimum throughout the fight, and if people can't hit that, then that is a fine reason to tell someone they aren't doing well.

  • Skada is still awesome, just know how to use it. I constantly use enemy damage taken, tells you exactly how much damage people did to a specific mob but from a casual or ignorant perspective, it doesn't serve much use.

  • Skada shows who did most damage to what mob. You go into enemy damage taken and then press the mob you'd like to see. It's extremely helpful.

  • Submitted logs to a guild I was applying to. They asked me why my rankings on Iron Maidens was so much lower and came to the conclusion that my cleave was shit, and that I played fury because I was unable to play arms. In reality, I've been on the boat every single time that I've done that fight.

  • DPS in WOD is strange, it's all crazy balance, you have situations where a certain class can just completely steamroll dps far beyond anyone else due to their specific spec. The thing is with rankings, they are just a competitive leaderboard for when you already have stuff on farm, since during progress you spend so much time doing stuff that is not going to get you top of damage.

    For example saving all cooldowns for Pillars on Kromog, or focussing on single target on Beast Lord, but once you have these bosses on farm most of that goes out of the window… Even still though, the rankings rely more on a setup that allows you to rank.

    Good example is Thogar, the higher your AOE dps and general dps the lower your top dpsers will be, we actually do less "dps" now because everything just melts where as previously with adds surviving longer it allowed strong AOE classes to exploit them more for higher dps.

    So yeah, dps rankings are mostly irrelevant.. But to a large extent they always were on most fights, individual rankings have always been as much about the group as they have the individual.

  • I get told that I don't do the DPS I should be doing for my item level and I chalk that up to the fact that I have upward of 200ms ping all the time but I've checked logs against people in similar gear levels across all fights and I do slightly less than they are which I chalk up to the lag. My response about my DPS is usually that I know the tactics and I know how to stay alive when the healers are struggling and my DPS, regardless of the number, is as high as I can push is so it doesn't really matter if I'm not doing what I should be doing because I can't get it any higher.

  • I couldnt agree with you more. In my group we have warlocks & hunters who take care of the beastlord adds, because they take no dmg while they do this job. Even tho Im a warrior and I can bladestorm in that fight for more damage it isnt worth it. If the boss isnt near the pack I would have to stop dpsing the boss to kill adds, even wasting my leap in case I need it for other mechanics. Im almost always top damage on the pets, and lowest on on pack as of this result. 

    But whenever I tank this fight I do notice that the fight last longer, because some are whoring on pack damage when they shouldnt.

  • i remember when my guild progressed on mythic beastlord.
    we got to last phase on first pull, but then we got stuck at that phase for a while, and figured we had to optimize single target on boss for that last phase. so i went sub instead of combat.. we also tried to convince our warriors  to go avatar instead of bladestorm, but no luck, their argument was that they were alrdy top dmg on the boss on that phase, well duh execute is retardedly OP. so i said, it would be great to enhance that OP execute with avatar, but still no luck….

  • THANK YOU FOR THIS, fuck i hate mythic beastlord fight. single target sub and im behind both tanks. we barely kill it and it looks like im doing fuck all and being called out for it. fuck ranking, you would set one person to aoe rest single target to boost ranking. broken, broken everywhere

  • We look at logs after every raid and then we break down each fight even though we are in heroic hm and have been farming normal hm for about 9-10 weeks. Sometimes we are there for 2 hours discussing them

  • The idea that rankings don't matter is inherently wrong, the only jobs that really take a significant amount away from DPS are usually performed by hunters or are now redundant with nerfs. Someone doing 95th percentile on Gruul vs someone who is 25th is obviously doing better, as is the situation for literally every fight except Beastlord and Thogar which depends very heavily on your comp (how many Warriors/Enha/Warlocks you've taken).

  • Skada, Enemy Damage Taken is invaluable in my opinion. Makes it quite easier to see if people are actually doing their individual job up to task.

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