easy grwm | 30 kilos in 6 months + why I now not take contraception

Actually opened up this video about my present weight acquire, and focus on what precipitated it and the way it’s effected my psychological AND bodily well being. Take pleasure in, xx Join …

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  • What birth control were you on?? I got that nexplanon and it was hell. I have the iud now but my emotional issues i have that i thought i got from the nexplanon still comes and goes. I stopped taking zoloft after i took it for a few months after getting nexplanon out because it made me feel weird

  • Hey girl can you please tell me what makeup brushes you use? I’m assuming they’re real techniques but is there anyway you could like link them from Amazon or something!

  • The same exact thing happened to me. I was 125-130 and I now weight 160. It breaks my heart. My confidence dropped so much and I constantly find myself being so hard on myself. And it’s so hard to get off. I wish this was more talked about and I’m glad you’re using your profile to educate people and allow people to see the truth.

  • you literally are so perfect, i can tell how bad all this is affecting you and causing you to not feel yourself. but i know it's hard but you are always gonna be beautiful no matter what. you are always gonna be your amazing self ❤️ you are loved

  • Jai, I’m so so glad you talk openly about the things that have happened to you since this quarantine began. I’ve had the same exact experience. The only difference is I didn’t gain “happy” weight. It was that “toxic” weight you get from a TOXIC relationship. Food is my comfort and that was one of the only things that made me feel better in my situation. I started off last year at 140 which is the smallest I’ve ever been in my teenage years and before I got pregnant, I was 190! I gained about 50 pounds within 8 months! That weight gain can really take a toll on someone. It really made me question my self worth. I’ve lost about 20 pounds in my early pregnancy and I’m constantly worrying about gaining it all back or even more later on. Weight isn’t something that us women feel comfortable enough to talk about and we definitely should. I’m so proud of you for sharing your experience. You’re so beautiful and I am so glad that you have such a great man in your life to let you know your worth and how much weight does not matter! I know you can do this. You can get back confident and comfortable in this new skin you’re in. Please make more raw and real videos like this! I’d love to follow along with your journey. I love you a ton! ❤️

  • jaden, thank you for talking about this. i had the same experience, like down to the T. i’ve felt so bad about myself for almost a year. between birth control and being in a healthy relationship i gained a lot. this video made me feel like i wasn’t alone. i can tell you don’t feel yourself, but trust me you’re so strong and your beautiful.

  • You are absolutely beautiful. You do not need to explain any weight gain to anyone. That’s your business! And if someone makes a negative comment about your body, that shows how unhappy they are with their own life. Your body is your body and no one else’s. It’s your business! And yes please keep the makeup videos coming!!!

  • thank you Jaiden for the real! I loved you and your channel since 2017! you have always been real! thank you! also love makeup vids

  • GIRL SAMEEE. Last year this time I was 135/140 now I’m 165 . I totally understand how you might be feeling. One day at a time , do the best you can. Incorporate good habits into your daily routine. the COMEBACK will be real affffff❤️

  • All us girls do is beat ourselfs up over stuff like this. I have honestly been doing the same thing about the weight gain and acne. Alike you, I have gained 30 pounds within a short amount of time. It sucks, but unfortunately it’s all apart of our bodies growing. I’m in the same boat! You’re so beautiful though, don’t beat yourself up!

  • Girl, you look GREAT as you are. You looked great as you were, but when you look your best is when you look HAPPY. Your smile is seriously SO gorgeous. I’ve gained about 20 pounds since high school, and that totally destroyed my confidence.. I’m now realizing that I’m not 18 anymore. That’s okay, and that’s normal to gain. You’re so gorgeous. Don’t ever think for a second that any weight equates to more or less beauty. You. Are. Beautiful! There will never be another you! ❤️

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