Evaluation of Dr. Stella Immanuel Claims (America Frontline Medical doctors) | COVID Conspiracy Theories

This video solutions the questions: Can I analyze the claims made by Dr. Stella Immanuel, who’s a part of the group America frontline medical doctors? Assist Dr. Grande …

34 thoughts on “Evaluation of Dr. Stella Immanuel Claims (America Frontline Medical doctors) | COVID Conspiracy Theories”

  • I love the weasel words to discredit. "Wearing lab coats", "called a press conference", "practices in a strip mall". Get out of here with the impartial act!

  • Social media taking down because it was "false". Riiiggghhht. They are not biased at all. I can find flat earthers and 1,000 of false information on social media.

  • One final comment. If you read all these comments that would make you brain dead for sure.
    These people, the majority i read are looney tunes. Its like being in a house with no doors or windows with a bunch of zombies reading most of this stuff.
    If i have nightmares now..imma blame that on trump too

  • Oh, good grief.
    First off, i was on YouTube and someone made this ridiculous comment about religion, a covid19 vaccine with metal particles that would go through nasal passages and stop religious beliefs..i was like, whoaaa, hey mister, stop passing all these lies this is going to possibility lead some people astray..i wrote him a nice message.
    Then, i was flipping through my generic tv channels and stopped on this one religious channel and some women sitting there popping off about Americas frontline doctors And i thought, here we go. She was promoting hydroxycloroquin and was also saying The vaccine is real but the vaccine had metals in it and would effect religious beliefs ..i was like. What is wrong with these people..her name was dr gold and she was on there with some of the regulars i see preaching .
    So, she said they took her off YouTube and named some other places.
    I thought, huh…imma go look and then i found your site..it said something about lizard people and I thought, here we go again where does it end.
    When i watched your video I kept waiting for you to say something weird .
    You never did so i subscribed and thumbs up.
    What the heck is going on with all these insane people.
    Has Donald Trumps lies done this? I mean, i do believe they're all brainwashed. Help me dr. These people are out of control..they do scare me a little and i do continue to pray for them but i believe they need bedrest, no tv, radio or phones. If they live alone they must mail letters to their friends as only means of communication . If they have a yard they can walk around there otherwise stay inside as much as possible. And pray on their knees as much as possible

    In all seriousness though, what is wrong with these people believing in such things
    Thank you and God bless.

  • Ultra Instinct Son Goku

    Title:Return of the lizard people.

    Claim: I'm not trying to discredit anyone.

    False. You've already drawn a presumption calling them crazy before opening your mouth. It's a gaslighting tactic.

  • You can try and ridicule all you want for her beliefs! I share the beliefs with her! And believe you me, demons exist and if you don’t believe i feel sorry for you! The efficacy of Hydroxycloroquine is very true! Thats why the big pharma dont want people to be healed because its giving them millions ! I have tested positive for Covid 19 yesterday and i also bought the Cloroquine . I started taking it today! Lets see how these go after the treatment has finished!!!

  • Col. David Crockett

    The frontline Drs. have made their detractors look like retards and should be held to account for so many lives that could have been saved, may God judge you all for the lives you have destroyed.

  • One month's dose of hydroxychloroquine is $4. Seriously. That's the real reason they rejected the treatment. Never let a serious crisis go to waste

  • Do you know if there are chakras? Obviously you do not know, do you know that the human being is basically composed of three vibrational fields?

    Remember: "no one learns what was not given to them in this life"

    So denying what you can understand does not mean that it is false. In his next physical life perhaps, since the being never dies or has died.

  • Your objective only to discred is clear from the start. Who are yourbsponsers? It would be interesting to find out. I need to do an examination of your life now. I wonder if you will stand the test.

  • Doctor Raoul French doctor say the same thing she saying ,every persons who disagree with COV19 you make videos about it you did the same thing with Judy Mikovits video ect…

  • I understand you perspective, Dr. Todd. Just watch Dream series on Minister Kevin L A Ewing. Even better, refer your colleagues to try watch at least 5 out of 300 videos. I challenge you. You will thank me later. Dreams are spiritual realm monitors.

  • This “doctor” isn’t much of a doctor if he believes big pHARMa is doing real science. No sweetie. They are paying for the desired result and to heck with human health. You are the worst kind of doctor because you are oblivious to so much yet you try to wear the expert hat and “debunk” others. You’re embarrassing yourself. Every new ager out there that dabbles in the metaphysical listening to you will laugh at you and how unaware you are. They astral project and have countless encounters with the supernatural all while you sleep in the lap of Big Tech. Good luck with that lapdog. ~Nina

  • Why are these people focusing on Stella Immanuel? These people are playing upon the racist ideas and stereotypes of the masses the most easy Dr to discredit and pass off as looney focusing upon her personal and private spiritual beliefs.. Her private life should have nothing to do with her academic scientific findings but this man spent the whole video speaking on her private personal life… You do the math. Why aren't you talking about the 4 / 5 other White doctors who all spoke before Dr Immanuel?

  • Wow!!! How embarrassing must it be to be a "so called doctor" defending MEDICAL INTEGRITY in the the country MOST UNSUCCESSFUL at helping it's COVID patients, over 720 deaths per million, US rated 37th health care system in the world and the MOST EXPENSIVE healthcare of all, that few Americans can afford. yeah, say what you will, it's all true. How can you "out" other American doctors for sharing their experience in effort to help dying patients while you sit there like a piece of idle crap. Poorer countries around the world, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Australia, etc have discovered ways to keep patients alive and to full recovery. Yes, all those "NO DON'T USE THESE DANGEROUS SUPPLEMENTS" Ivermectin, Vit D, C, A, zinc selenium, even Hydroxy Q, the big NO NO..in the early stages…the knowledge is out. Other countries have done trials BUT ALL IS shut down from the US media, CDC, etc and the likes of pretend doctors like yourself. Why? Perhaps it;s because there's a vaccine about to hit the market and if it was so cheap to help patients someone wouldn't be getting their billions and making poor suffering people suffer more. I have zero respect for you as a doctor and as a human.

  • You should remove this post on the following grounds.
    Her ability to practice medicine & her faith are separate & as usual the left use personal attacks to close the discussion
    The Lancet publication on hydroxychloroquine was withdrawn following its poor study design & peer review before publication.

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