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  • ADHD Patrick - Live With ADHD & Conquer Anxiety

    Thank you for sharing your story, I was in the same position like you, anxiety attacks started at work mostly and I was very hesitant to start taking anything for my issues. I had success with medication Escitalopram (Lexapro) which I used 1 year 🙂

  • Nice in formation. There is a solution to every problem if there is a desire and determination. . For a relaxed life without anxiety and depression sit on a chair, back and spine erect, hands on your lap with palms upwards, close your eyes and do nothing. Be still without moving and observe your inhalation-exhalation breathing and body sensations for around 10-15 minutes. What is important is to be as still as possible. Plenty of thoughts will come but slowly negative thoughts will reduce or vanish slowly. The mind is reprogrammed to develop your mental muscles. Do twice daily or as per your convenience. This could be life-transforming if you desire change. Take charge of your life. Best wishes. Shyaaam Sir. -Counsellor.

  • My anxiety and panic attacks started happening at work. To the point I didn't want to go to work anymore. People would tell me just don't think about but I wish they would understand it doesn't work like that.

  • I have severe health anxiety. Since an asthma attack last month I've been convinced that I have a heart and lung problems. I still do excessive breathing. All my test came back normal thats when I was recommended a psychiatrist and she prescribed me zoloft and xanor. Turns out I have depression and general anxiety disorder 🙁

  • Hello video was very helpfulI'm going to talk to a doctor on the 8th I scheduled an appointment and most likely I'm going to be prescribed on some medication I'm not sure what kind the basically I have anxiety I worry for no reason I feel anxious for no reason and it's hard for me to be in social settings I've been going through this for a living years now it has truly changed my life. I was just wondering if you can in detail how it made you feel you probably answer this question.

  • I quit cold turkey (50mg) after 5 weeks on sertraline because I had crying spells and my anxiety came back but it was not a normal anxiety I had constant worry and warm tingling in my stomach and suicidal thoughts came on but now I’m worrying for nothing everyday and feel nervous . Has this happened to you or any one reading this ?? Please I need help I’m lost and confused if I should start it again but a low dose 25mg

  • we know that anxiety is more on thoughts? is the medicine given to u is helpful i mean ur brains thingking something and then medicine will help u to avoid think

  • My fear about going on these meds is that it would take away my personality and leave me like a zombie with no emotions . Did this happen to you ? Also what do you think would be better for agoraphobia , benzos or ssris ..?
    Thank you ..

  • Hi, i suffer from severe anxiety and i start getting angry and agitated. I was wondering does setraline really work? I was on it then i stopped taking it and it's just gone worse! xx

  • Hello. My son is new to college. He is having anxiety even thinking about doing assignments. He is ok in class. What dosage helped you with anxiety and panic attacks?

  • Mang Mike Team Taiaha

    I'm struggling to sleep alot, and have been getting Anxiety alot, today I woke up after 1 hour sleep with the most intense strange scary feeling……I tried to puke the feeling away but no use. Made me so frightened and not sure what to do. Do these medications work? I really want to feel normal again

  • Hi Indira. Thank you so much for this video. I was physically and verbally abused my entire life by my dad (30+ years) and neglected. I have tired and tired myself for the last 22 years to make the anxiety go away through prayer, and meditation, getting a PhD, and reading/watching/understanding so much about psychiatric issues. I still live with this nd socially isolate myself because I always feel so small, insecure, inferior, and most importantly scared to be around people because I keep thinking that they think bad of me. I used marijuana and alcohol to cope and then became addicted and then broke away from the addiction with AA and meditation and I thought for a while that those were the reasons for my anxiety but they arent, its just me. I need help now so I am going to try Sertraline if my doctor allows it, im asian as well born in Canada parents are Punjabi, Indian. Thank you for your video upload. I will gladly subscribe. I hope you feel better and I hope I can too one day. Oh I also tried to distract myself with working super hard and that didnt help it just gave me something else to blame for my anxiety when in facts its built in my brain.

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