How To Finish A Terror Journey Utilizing "Journey Killers" | Instructional

There is a huge distinction between a “dangerous journey” and a “terror journey.” These horrific experiences pose vital danger to the consumer, each mentally through PTSD or bodily …

38 thoughts on “How To Finish A Terror Journey Utilizing "Journey Killers" | Instructional”

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  • Alchemical oil of gold. Killed my trip instantly. Absolutely no side effects , however it can be expensive. Albeit, it was worth saving me from the worst trip of my life.

  • Thanks for this vid, 6.1g mushroom was way more than I thought, totally worth it even bad trips have value, I had my first 6g trip it was fun for about 3 and a half hours then the nausea, and near border line anxiety and panic attack, so I took. A shower and took a nap for 2 hours roughly, but as rough as it was, I feel amazing now, besides having residual shits ofcourse, but I was convinced I was either dead or dying at one point, then I grounded myself I was better, I'd totally do it again, but if I go higher I'd definately need a trip killer I feel like

  • When taking Shrooms I like to make a written report while Im tripping like …. 'Hour 1' … 'Hour 2' … It relaxes me to read It like a story and that I should want a happy ending 🙂 Plus I can sort of 'Rewind' my trip If It gets negative by thinking of something I already wrote down

  • Bad trip = a dark corner of your own mind…. And you can't hurt yourself… Granted being mounted by spiderman isn't great… But not the end of the world, just don't try to drive anywhere and you'll be fine

  • After hearing him explain I’ve remembered my first trip better and jeez I really was in a really bad trip and then I took them again and my friend was in hell and was trying to kill himself and my friend and I as we trip just thinking wtf is happeneing is this real and he had to get his stomach pumped so anyway I’m scared to try them again I might take a gram but I’m not to worried because I was havong a great trip before he started freaking out

  • 5:40 thats crazy that he brought up the invisioning of killing yourself and this and that. Ive experienced the exact thing he was talking about here and even grabbed a knife out of a knife holder. Luckily my friend was there to help snap me out of it a little bit

  • Worst bad trip is when your tripping and your plug is tripping and you buy some weed but since you both tripping nobody can figure out how much change you get back

  • My experience w alcohol has made me rather aggressive and blackout to where its been dangerous. Use w caution for sure. Ive had very regrettable outcomes w it.

  • My first mushroom trip I was camping with my bestfriend and my parents and siblings when out of no where unexpected a whole bunch a family came out of no where and scared me lifeless I went to my friends tent and checked If she was ok when I realized I would fuck up her trip so went to my tent woke up later like 3 in the morning started laughing broke into tears and watched the stars and just loved it

  • Totally false u said alprazolam u oh s the fastest acting and shortest lived benzo when that would be lorazepam for sure as they are taken sublingual and act in a matter of minutes they also don’t last long although it is a very strong benzo

  • I remember doing a solo trip in my backyard, and at night time it felt like a bunch of rats were about to start coming out of everywhere.

    Just went back inside the home an boom bad trip was over. Why kill the trip.. acid is like a roller coaster that U should know how to ride. And always remember, a trip is just a temporary thing 12 hours and ur back to normal.

  • Olanzapine absolutely works. Not only will it completely kill the trip, it will also put you into a coma for the next 16 hours. Your ability to focus and think straight will be gone for at least 24 and your general energy and drive to do anything at all should return after around 48 hours. Depending on dose of course, but man, this shit is heavy and I will never ever use it again to end a trip. It's good to have at hand, but unless im actively psychotic or suicidal (or someone tripping with me is) that shit stays in the box.

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