HOW TO GET RID OF COLD SORES FAST + EASY | suggestions + tips

HELLO EVERYONE! On this video we’re going to discuss COLD SORES. They’re ugly, painful and simply tremendous embarrassing. I’ve gotten chilly sores for the …

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  • 0:15 not to be mean but when she says "partying it up" I'm under the assumption that she's either having unprotected sex or everytime she's drunk and just flirts with some random guy and makes out with them. Just saying.

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    Not 50% of the population have them it’s closer to 80-90% but around 60% of people don’t get them often enough to even know

  • If you are in the US then you’re so lucky. Your coldsore products are SO MUCH better than the ones we have available in the UK. When on holiday in the US I tried Campho Phenique, it is the best product I have ever used. I wish I had bought the whole box as I now can’t get hold of it back in the UK. Would 100% recommend if you’re looking for something to get rid of the irritating itch and dry it up! Xx

  • Know that using Abreva on the coccyx – near the tailbone and also on the lips will make it a more effective treatment since it is safe on the skin anyway. If you want the product to work better that is what you can do.

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  • just found out I have it!
    sucks my girl is gonna over tomorrow !!!
    Says not to have chocolate : Me watching this vid while having a five Star

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