How To Inform When Firms Are Going Underneath | Individuals Storis #289

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33 thoughts on “How To Inform When Firms Are Going Underneath | Individuals Storis #289”

  • "the paper printed his story unchecked."
    reminds me of that infamous "garbage crisis":
    -new guy running a garbage business has a garbage scow arrive at a dump BEFORE the paperwork was finalized.
    -dump owner ASSUMES this means the scow has illegal/toxic waste and rejects it.
    -scow goes to other dumps.
    -they all reject it, ASSUMING the first dump had a good reason.
    -a reporter notices this, ASSUMES this means ALL the dumps are COMPLETELY FULL, does ZERO checking, and prints a story to that effect.
    -many other reporters read that story, all do ZERO checking, and all copy-paste it…

  • I ignored the sign that the CEO who replaced the founder as my boss left after a year taking all the business consultants and middle managers she hired with her!

    The company lasted 1 year after that CEO left!

    Oh, and at staff parties the founder and original CEO spoke with everyone… from managers through teachers right down to creche workers and me (IT tech, general dogs-body and cleaner)… the new manager would only talk with the heads of operations and finance and the BoD!

  • I used to work in a call center, basically they stopped hiring new people, and there were a lot of closed door meetings between management and HR. I ended up getting a new job but it wasn’t starting until a month later. I was well over the old job at this point but I had bills that needed to be paid. Turned in my two weeks notice and I was going to ride it out, but they ended up letting me go early. There reasonings was, my stats weren’t where they needed to be, though in the past they would at least warn you about stats and work with you to correct it. They also said, “well you got a new job so you don’t need this one anymore!” The company was looking for any excuse to get ride of people, even though they promised online work from home positions to people who stayed, but the majority of my coworkers where either fired or laid off.

  • The company my father worked for was in the red 2 years in a row. Finally they got bought by another company but many people were laid off. My father had 9 people under him and he was ordered to let a certain number of people offf. HR didn't wanted to do it so he had to decided which one and tell them they lost their job. It really took a tool at him, he knew which ones had family's but weren't the best and some were his best employees but didn't have a family. He had to make difficult decisions. One day I will be in his position and I hope I have the strength to pull through it.

  • Not an employee, but a customer. Used to be a restaurant with great food, great prices, excellent rewards program, etc. The weeks before it closed the restaurant would suddenly close early for no reason. Then I went in one day when it was open and found out the new owner not only discontinued the rewards program, but also changed up the menu to make it more like any generic family restaurant. They even wouldn't take rewards from customers who still had rewards remaining.

  • The last job my dad had. He did not have to work, he did it because he liked it and it kept him busy. Dad had an MBA and access to some of the company's financials. Any expense he incurred that was business related he always put in for reimbursement immediately, while most just waited until the end of the month. Then, in the middle of one month, the state regulators showed up and as they told everyone to please stand up and get their stuff and leave, a locksmith was changing the locks on the front door. Yep, the company was insolvent and they were shut down. And the folks who did not submit reimbursements until the end of the month, never got reimbursed. I worked for a company that went out of business, but it was privately owned, and the owners were getting out before unfavorable tax laws went into effect – but they did tell everyone way in advance. I was almost done with school, so I stayed to the end.

  • When the boss tells you "It always pays to keep your resume up to date, and it always pays to still be looking for a better job. Because the future is never certain."

  • When you have to call the husband of one of the owners to find out when he's going to deposit HIS money into the bank to cover the WIFE'S business' payroll.

  • – Losing contracts
    – Mass layoffs
    – Payroll delayed up to three weeks
    – HR/Hiring manager practically live at the bar after work

    Yup, time to exit stage left ladies and gents.

  • Regarding that last story: they knew, alright. They just weren’t ready for the little kid to pipe up about the Emperor parading around in his underwear.

  • Is ENRON in there at the 1:52 mark? I was watching the documentary about ENRON and that was an indication that they were going under behind the "fake news".

  • Jesus christ, I wish this was me!!! Getting unemployment and getting paid to NOT work is literally THE American dream!!!! Thanks Capitalistic institutionalized slavery!

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