Hydroxychloroquine: useful or dangerous? Dr. Merlin critiques the newest analysis

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11 thoughts on “Hydroxychloroquine: useful or dangerous? Dr. Merlin critiques the newest analysis”

  • Are you a real doctor? How could you possibly read those statistics at face value. 25 non-treated patients needed a vent. 19 of those then got Hydroxychloroquine. So, if you end up treating 80% of patients at end of disease, OBVIOUSLY non-treated will have lower death rate because the sickest cases you end up treating. You should be embarrassed quoting a study and death rates without analyzing or in this case probably even looking at the data. Scary!

  • So help me understand this: Dr. Fauci called the French study of 1061 patients anecdotal but a 368 critically ill on ventilators VA patients in the USA suddenly makes the headline saying it doesn't work? Shit just doesn't make sense. Someone is really working hard for this cheap drug to not work…unbelievable! Our lives don't matter to these politicians and the mainstream media, who I really depended on all these time!

  • 85% of those that go on ventilators die. You Are suppose to use the HCQ way before it gets bad enough that you have to put someone on a ventilator. This is not for inflammation you idiot it is to boost the cellular levels of immune system granulocytes
    You should not be giving medical advice to anyone, you are going to get people killed. But working for Bill Gates, that is actually what you are trying to do.
    Think hard man, the ones listening to you that you will be killing will be democrats and so you are only stabbing yourself in the back.

  • It was not done at all VA hospitals
    The head of the VA said it did not prove HCQ is not effective in treating COVID
    It is no where close to being peer reviewed
    It was done on a small group of people average age 65
    And You are not a Doctor
    You are a Snake Oil Salesman working to the Bill Gates Foundation.

  • There has to be some kind of conspiracy against HCQ, due to the sheer number of people taking the VA "study" as fact, not only was it anecdotal, observational from charts, and not peer reviewed, but it has zero data of any use. What dosage were the patients given ? No mention of this, perhaps they were given too much. What frequency were they given the tablets ? Maybe they were over prescribed it. What condition were the patients in ? Maybe they were giving it to intubated patients which would be pointless for an anti-viral, any HCQ trial done on intubated patients will fail. Were the HCQ patients more sick ? Yes, the study itself said it chose the sicker patients to get the HCQ. Right, so we are comparing a group of patients who are very sick, against a more healthy group of patients, and we blame the HCQ for more deaths in the former group ? HCQ has an incredibly high safety profile, look at the therapeutic index, the spacing between ED50, TD50, and LD50 is huge. Yet we are meant to believe a 1982 medication (itself a form of med from a 1949 medication) that is used by millions is suddenly unsafe ? What data do we have to prove this ? If just the VA study then tell us what dosage was meant to be unsafe and what condition the patients were in when they took it. This is all ludicrous, I don't know if it is political or monetary, but something is out to get HCQ.

  • Truth According to Scripture

    Dr. Raoult, who has now successfully treated 2600 patients with Hydroxychloroquine, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhoi1JKjClk, says in a letter that the VA study is “absurd” “biased” “scientific fraud” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf_AaL7ZPP0

    A Closer Look at the VA study: VA Chief says "Hydroxychloroquine Has Been Working" – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pmpvh97B8_k

    Coronavirus: Debunking the Hydroxychloroquine 'VA Study' (Dr. Chris Martenson) –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLSYRqcg0wo
    MD says VA Study Attacking “Trump’s Miracle Drug” Hydroxychloroquine Actually Supports It – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWF18TJT-fk

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