4 thoughts on “Individuals aen't Like Me”

  • There are definitely so many ignorant people .. Everyone in the inner city and all conservatives aren't bad ,but most of the individuals I've met that were conservatives they just tell people futile advice like be positive that's the cure or force yourself to get over it ..They fail to realize a lot of people have tried forcing themselves to get over it ,they've tried medication ,and so many things to no avail ..In the inner city a lot of individuals didn't even know what it was and then when they found out and just knew it had something to do with anxiety they just looked at it as a sign of cowardice.. Ignorant individuals would say things like you don't seem like a coward but that OCD thing that's a cowards problem and if you have it you're one too Smh

  • Having OCD is terrible but one of the only good things about it is how it normally generates a lot of curiosity within the people that have it .A lot of people with OCD read books and think of things and question a lot of things that other people don't really think about or question..One good book is entitled Strange Brains And Genius..That book taught me that Henry Cavendish had autism and Nikola Telsa had OCD im not saying everyone with OCD or autism is a genius but it's definitely a good book

  • I would definitely like for you to make more videos about autism..I don't have autism but I want to learn more about it ..I know a lot about OCD and I don't have to learn more about it because I have it and I've read so much about it ..I would definitely still love for you to make videos about OCD too ..It could help educate some individuals that don't know that much about it , although I know people ( not everyone but a lot of people) won't care because they don't have it ,they won't care because in terms of people with OCD a lot of people they're more into nitpicking people and intentionally and unintentionally trying to discredit them..

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