Joshua Walters: On being simply loopy sufficient

At TED’s Full Spectrum Auditions, comic Joshua Walters, who’s bipolar, walks the road between psychological sickness and psychological “skillness.

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  • I'm not bipolar, but I've gotten called bipolar several times for speaking out against professional child abuse cover-up behaviors in my area. So I can identify with a lot of this.

  • A big mother's hug to bipolar children of all ages. I love my son unconditionally regardless if manic, depressed, medicated or driving me crazy!

  • I'm bipolar, too, and, from my perspective, the way he describes mental illness as some kind of secret revolutionary blessing is dangerous. Mood episodes of both kinds wreak havoc, not only in the personal life of the sufferer, but also in the patient's brain. I very much understand the creative value he talks about! My two cents here are: Treatment is necessary anyway.

  • The brown supremacist

    Fucking hell..i cried with joy after watching this..i was in my depression period and was getting thoughts of killing myself frequently this just made me manic again. I feel like a fucking legend !!!!!!! Ever nasty motherfucker who did something which required balls and who is now remembered as a legend was bipolar. These motherfuckers shaped world history !!!!! I am gonna end world poverty !!!!!!

  • The bipolar mind is like a very sensitive radio receiver: it can pull in the desired 'signal' but it also pulls in static and noise just as well.

  • I'm bipolar, and on several meds. I'm as "level" as I've ever been, but I still have spikes up and down. I have noticed that those with bipolar make the best actors and performers. That's because (I think) they're creative. My creativity is limited to sculpting model horses, but because I also have Social Anxiety I stay home and refuse to be in public as much as possible. But I know if I could handle being in public I know I'd make a good actor. I see through a creative eye. I sort of embrace my bipolar disorder, because without it I wouldn't be who I am. WONDERFUL video.

  • This was right on the mark.Depressives are aware of the conflicts and contradictions in the world and, more importantly, the inability of so-called 'normal' people and their inability to grasp,acknowledge and resolve them.

  • its actually very common, and some women with disorders beleive they are the virgin mary,
    however seein as i myself am diagnosed, i can relate, and say that I too felt i was jesus or gods son, but I now realize that is because some people with these "illness" such as I are in fact gifted, with a curse to go along. But Look into shamanic views on mental ilness and you will understnad more

  • So TRUE! The saddest part, which many don't realize is that all it can sometimes take is ONE visit with the wrong Dr. U can be labelled with the cruelest of diseases & that diagnosis is the 1st thing other Dr.s will see. So begins a long & sometimes ridiculous journey thru a healthcare system that profits not on curing but on medicating. Meanwhile U might not even be aware of the stigma of the label, or it's mind numbing results. Down the rabbit hole & good luck with trying to crawl out. Peace!

  • Bipolar is one name I've yet 2 be labeled with. At times I've been blessed with some others. Maybe this will be the disease of the week. Folks coming out of the closet. My apologies if I offend anyone! I KNOW that ANY mental illness can be devastating news. 2 often a child found 2 be just a little 2 hyper (by his teachers) next thing out of their mouths, a 'suggestion' that perhaps a visit to the child's Dr. might reveal the possibility of ADHD or ADD. Or whatever. Sad but true…PEACE

  • that audience… the man is basically talking about how massive pharamceutical companies profiteer the health care system… how categories and "disorders" have been used to put people in boxes and pigeon hole them, how the treatment of mental health problems is often nothing short of chemical sedation, an indoctrination of "you are sick, we will make you normal again"… and people are laughing? :/ Some bits are obviously funny, some are heartbreaking.

  • Good talk. I was thirty when my mania expressed itself. I thought I was some sleepy version of Cleopatra (Do. Not. Ask.), though I never told a doctor that for fear that they would think I was crazy.

  • shit ive been in denial about how i feel for years…but seeing someone admit the positives of the condition as well as the condition itself brings gives the inspiration to finally come to terms with it…
    although i dont enjoy the times where your so hyper nothing can is powerful enough to meet the demands of that hyper-ness if that makes sense
    but the hyper ness is great too even though it cant get satsfied
    so why let yourself satisfy the negatives?
    i think i get it now thanks joshua 🙂

  • who said anything about feeling great? i feel like shooting myself almost everyday,.today happens to be one of the worst coincidentally

  • i saw that on a billboard once, and i always think "what is normal?" when (not if) people say i'm wierd, what do i have to do to be "normal"?

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