Learn how to use Olanzapine? (Zyprexa, zydis, zypadhera) – Physician Explains

Generic identify: Olanzapine. Model names: Zyprexa, zydis and zypadhera. Obtainable as a pill and injection. Learn how to use it? Swallow the pill utterly with …

2 thoughts on “Learn how to use Olanzapine? (Zyprexa, zydis, zypadhera) – Physician Explains”

  • I got worse after taking 20mg Fluoxtine and 30mg Mirtazpine fot 3 weels (Like armagedon broke out inaide my head); my Q is:

    If those medications raised my serotonin levels, and I'm not feeling like myself, can such antipsychotics help imrpove and "return it back to normal"?

    I'm mostly having negative symptoms (If I had some from of schizophrenia); plus very low tinnutus which sounds like low pitch static noise; present 24/7 almost. It has been a year since I was like this, and I hesitate to go to the doctor.

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