Make your individual allergy drugs!?!?!!

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26 thoughts on “Make your individual allergy drugs!?!?!!”

  • My husband had bad allergies and we found this recipe for a tea for coughing. 1/2 teaspoon nettles, 1 teaspoon crushed sage, and 1 teaspoon marshmallow root. Bring a pint or more ( your taste) of filtered water to a boil, turn off burner and add the herbs and stir then cover for a few minutes. The longer it sits the stronger it gets. It can be stored in a jar but he drinks it throughout the day if his allergies are acting up. Judy G

  • Thanks Vickie. I'm in Indiana on a farm with gravel roads, crop fields and animals all around, my allergies get worse every year. Claritin does help but I'm very glad to see your video. I'm going to try to find this online and give it a try.

  • Hope you received my thank you email for my prize, I was absolutely delighted Miss Vicki and so grateful. Thank you once again. This is a wonderful recipe, we don’t get as much dust here as you do, we are in Cen Cal, but periodically we get dusty times, a rural community, especially during sowing season. Stay well, stay safe, much love.

  • Thank you for another wonderful video. I think it’s important to note that for people who have blood thickness disorders to avoid the nettle. Nettle is a natural blood thickener and if someone already has issues with their blood being too thick it will make it worse.

  • Thanks for sharing this! Passing on to my sister she suffers with allergies and has to live on claritin…what a great natural alternative!

  • I hope you do a follow up a few weeks after you start using it and let us know if it helps your allergies. I am very interested in this.

  • Stinging nettle in the days past would be used to treat arthritis by allowing the nettle to “sting” the aching joint. It would relieve the pain that way.
    Stinging Nettle is also really good for heart health, diabetes, urinary tract infections, etc. she’s a great herb all around. Safe and gentle but packs a punch.

  • Mary Hooker-Brogdon

    Hope this helps you~I'm gonna try drinking it in tea form. We live in So Cal and I have to take a Claritin every day (sometimes Benadryl, too). I'd be very glad of allergy relief in a natural form. Also, I love your top!!

  • I will be curious to find out if this tincture is effective for you. When I used to visit a friend in 29 Palms, CA, my allergies used to really act up.

  • I had to giggle Vickie, as stinging nettles grows wild in IOWA. Once you've accidentally walked into a patch and the oil has gotton on your skin….you ever do that again ! 🙂

  • Thank you Vicki. This is great. Have you tried the honey with cinnamon remedy? Someone recommended it but I haven't tried it.

  • Thanks for sharing. It's getting that time of year in my area. My husband has suffered the last two years with allergies. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. Peace

  • Glad for this video. Just watched Ms. Loria video on homemade noodles. She is so lucky to have such a good friend like you. Many prayers for Mr. Brown.

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