27 thoughts on “MSNBC Stay With Yasmin Vossoughian 1/16/2021 3PM | MSNBC Breaking Information Right this moment Jan 16, 2021”

  • "Trump will be a powerful political force in the future"
    First of all, Trump is a grossly obese old man! With any justice, the word "future" will not apply.
    Secondly, an armed insurrection to establish a fascists regime is not politics as usual. It is the death of politics!
    It makes my skin crawl when traitors are treated as a legitimate political faction.
    THEY ARE CRIMINALS! And should be treated as such!

  • January 20th is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's day, they should be cheered on for the ginourmous job they have to do. Cleaning up after the trumps devastation. Restoring America's depleted spirit. God Bless Joe Biden xx God Bless all who voted for him.

  • If you allow trump to leave with a big hoora, don't be surprised if all his criminal, rioters, supremacists, will come along to cheer on their crazy leader. This event he wants, is an invitation to all his followers. BEWARE! BEWARE! EYES OPEN WIDE! he won't go quietly, we know that already!

  • All the current REPUBLICAN leaderships and enablers for The Liar still in the White House are a disgrace to the USA & to people they are supposed to SERVE.. !!!!

  • Biden and son caught he will not be president people are wactching Biden wont last as president he is a criminal now hes pissed off he can't answer any questions him son Biden is a liar

  • He is to be celebrated for what? This is a waste of tax payers monies. It will add on to the confusion he has caused in the country. Who is he not to sit at the Capitol like any othe president who has lost an election and exit the Capitol with the change of power as its been. It is mind blowing how afraid people are of him that they are willing to let him stage a parade on our dime. Who is he Kim Jung Trump???

  • Who are the people that games the tour on the 5th of January what are there names. If someone saw that why didn't they say something to them. Way didn't they take pictures.

  • You got to be kidding me….no no no… Pack your stuff and leave.. You don't deserve any fan fare … Talk about ego…this guys lucky he 's not In jail….no no tax payers money to pay for your failure as a president .. Just go your fired …

  • the super family ost

    Terrifying to see the BLM warning that the nation's law enforcement ranks have been largely populated with violent white supremacists so unequivocally proven true

  • Question:
    who was employed by American people (to serve as president)
    but then increasingly acted as though he employed them to serve him?

  • We should not give oxygen to Trump s leaving office with red carpet and military farewell. If media ignores his attempts to dis the newly elected president with final rally it would send huge message. He feeds on media attention. Let him just slink away in disgrace.

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