My Psychological Well being Story pt 2

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5 thoughts on “My Psychological Well being Story pt 2”

  • thank you for making this, I'm 20 years old and a mamma to my 9 month old baby boy, I've been struggling with my mental health since I was a child, depression has followed me all my life and more recently I've had severe anxiety.

    I self harmed from the age of 12 till about a year ago, I've had multiple suicide attempts too, however the health care system here in the UK is awful

    after having my baby my anxiety was the worst it's ever been, plus the depression was super bad, I sought out help, asked to speak to a psychiatrist or have any help, I'm currently on two different medications to help with my anxiety and depression, they where working for a good while, but this past week my depression has started to get worse again and I've had several breakdowns this week, I was refusing to get help because I didn't want to just be medicated again, but watching this video I feel like I should go to my GP, I'm still waiting to see a psychiatrist to talk to and figure out what's going on but hopefully that won't take much longer

    thank you ❤

  • I started my psychology degree after i was diagnosed with PTSD when i was 19.
    many times i was self diagnosing which was really bad at first but it also made me go back to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me also with social anxiety, OCD traits and borderline traits and get the proper treatment i needed. I still suffer from suicidal thoughts sometimes and anxiety that make me pick the skin of my feet(i know, disgusting!).
    listening to your story made me feel so hopeful. thank you so much! 🙂

  • sherry keeler Gimme a Kiss HTD4Life

    the hardest part of dealing ptsd from trauma is that is treated way differently then a veterans. i think that is horrible that i get treated horrible. i have a therapist who understands but my med doc thinks that self mutalation is funny.

  • Hey Anita Thank you for your story. Thank you for making your comments private. I had a mental break a few years ago that almost ripped my family apart.the obsessive thoughts almost broke me. I work hard every day to take my medicine and keep it together.

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