15 thoughts on “My Sugar Dependancy—I Fell Off the Wagon; I'm Climbing Again.”

  • Thank you for sharing about your sugar addiction. It can be hard to kick, but I always feel better when I can finally get off the stuff. I would be very interested in CIMT interpretations.

  • I too fall off the wagon now and then. To get back on I take Apple Cider Vinegar to stop the food cravings. I also use it to help me start a three day fast.

  • Ellenor Bjornsdottir

    Sugar can make me sick (heart pounding, moods) nowadays. Taste isn't worth it. I use sweeteners instead. If I want actual sugar I have to crack open my molasses bottle, or the bag of strawberries. I don't see brown sugar cubes as food so that's fine

  • I had refined sugar for the first time in 40 days yesterday….ate 4 Drumsticks at one sitting. Four hours later I got extreme vertigo. 12 hours later I still can’t stand without getting very dizzy. Ever heard of such a thing? My last bold sugar lab result (2 weeks ago) was 88.

  • Hi Doc-sorry I missed the live. I feel your pain in falling off the wagon! It is a tough road.

    It would be interesting to see a Covid19 video. I’ve been watching Jack Campbell’s youtube- it seems that T2D and age has a major impact on how serious the virus hits a person. Also learning that fasting upregulates gamma delta T cells that are the front line defenders in your body.

    I can speak more on the issue, but it would be better if you did.

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