Opioid abuse: The place you reside issues

‘If all your pals jumped off a bridge, would you?’ This can be a widespread parenting phrase is supposed to inspire children to reject peer’s actions which can be dangerous behaviors. Whereas this blogger won’t remark how efficient this parenting phrase is, peer results are actual.

Contemplate the latest NBER working paper by Finkelstein, Gentzkow, and William (2019). They discover that peer results are actual within the case of opioid abuse:

… motion to a county with a 20 p.c increased price of opioid abuse (equal to a transfer from a 25th to 75th percentile county) will increase charges of opioid abuse by 4.5 p.c, suggesting that roughly 20 p.c of the hole between these areas is because of place-specific components. These results are significantly pronounced for prior opioid customers, who expertise a rise in opioid abuse almost 1.5 occasions bigger than the rise for opioid naives.


  • Finkelstein A, Gentzkow M, Williams H. What drives prescription opioid abuse? Proof from migration. Stanford Institute for Financial Coverage Analysis Working Paper. 2018 Aug:18-028.

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