Plantar Fibromatosis – All the pieces You Want To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Dr. Ebraheim’s academic animated video describes the of plantar fibromatosis. Comply with me on twitter: Plantar fascial …

21 thoughts on “Plantar Fibromatosis – All the pieces You Want To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim”

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  • لو سمحت يا دكتور انا بعانى بقالى شهور ودكتور العظام بيقولى انى محتاج عملية ف وتر ال arch

  • I function as a nurse and have been suffering from plantar discomfort for a few years. It simply required days to remove the pain sensation brought on by the ailment after I tried using this plantar fasciitis treatment method. I don’t experience the condition any more ever since I stop utilizing meds and it`s simple to see whether there`s still any discomfort left. . The easy way to research this guide is using Google. Name of this tip is Jacob Ballοycut
    Best luck

  • That looks and exactly like my foot. I already have orthotics. I am 50lbs overweight and had foot trouble for 15 yrs. For a long time, I’ve overlooked that big bump and the pain that comes with it. What REALLY HURTS is the tendon between the ball and the bump on the arch, below the big toe. Hurts 24-7 and getting worse.

    Thank you for the video. Im not happy, but it was well explained.

  • Myofascial release I did, took care of the problem. No surgery required here…maybe someone else…to cut the fascia isn't the solution if Dr. Ida Rofl was correct in her teachings on Rolfing as well as John F. Barnes, PT who teaches techniques of myofascial release to clients. Or go under the knife and hope that works out maybe…IDK.

  • In have had at least 3 shots in my right foot for plantar fasciitis and one in my left. I have been suffering for 4 years with this. The shots only temporarily helped. I have done stretches after stretches and even wear a boot at night. Now I have a knot growing in my right foot in the same exact place you speak of in my right foot. It hurts like utter hell.

  • @nabil ebraheim Dr, Thank you very much for making this video. I suffer from both Plantar Fibromatosis in one foot as well as Dupuytren's contracture in both hands ( both cords and nodules ) I have a surgical insole which relieves the pain to a level that allows me to walk all be it uncomfortably.

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