REAL TALK: Anti Depressants, Self Care & Weight Achieve

SORRY FOR MIC INTERFERENCE! An actual frank speak about Anti Depressants, self care and weight achieve. These are my private experiences and opinions which …

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  • Hey Helen, you are not alone, i am with you suffering from the same things and taking the same antidepressants. you are a warrior and we will get through this! xx

  • I'm commenting as I'm watching. LoL
    I have OCD, GAD, & am clinically depressed. It took 200mg of Sertraline to get me balanced & to the place you mentioned you're at. I also go to therapy once every two weeks. The struggle is incredibly real, & I can relate so much to your situation. I'm there with ya, sis. <3

  • Hi Helen I am so happy for you that you have found medication that helps you with your depression. I went through a lot of trials of different meds to help me and I couldn’t find anything that suited. I also have anxiety and frequently talk to myself. x

  • Giorgia Elizabeth Rossini

    Well done on your journey!! I find it super interesting the different countries approaches to antidepressants. I've was on antidepressants for 2 years, prescribed when I lived in the Netherlands. The aim was ALWAYS to come off them, but to take them with therapy to help me on my journey. When I spoke to my doctor in the UK, the conversation never included therapy, and it was more of an 'ok take antidepressants forever and we'll see'. Not saying that this is the case for everyone, but I think this doesn't help with the stigma! I miss my antidepressants but glad I don't need them anymore <3

  • that was kind of crazy for me when you were speaking on antidepressants because i am also on sertraline and it’s changed my life. i use to have THE WORST dips in my mood just before my period and then even then after my period i’d still be depressed but while on my period or before it would elevate my depression and i’d be in pain. i’m so happy you’re speaking on this helen! x you’re amazing and i am proud of you

  • I have been on sertraline for a few years now and I’m currently consulting a psychiatrist for PMDD! It’s so nice to have some clarity and to not feel like I’m just super crazy during my cycle! Thank you so much Helen for talking about these important topics – you’re wonderful ☺️

  • Almost a year ago I got antidepressants for my anxiety, took me almost two months to take them because I had the same thought process as you, and quite frankly they scared me and I was worried they would make me a zombie. After a couple months of taking them I noticed hard things were easier to handle. Things that would of sent me into attacks didn’t seem that big of a deal anymore. I try to call them mood stabilizers, because that is essentially what they are. They help me live my life and be me. I’ve been watching you almost since you started youtube and I’ve always loved hearing your opinion on things. I hope you’re doing well and are able to find joy and happiness where you were struggling to find it before. ❤️

  • " I thought antidepressants were a failure" I feel like this is how a lot of people have been taught to feel! It's so sad that we don't talk about this more. I felt the exact same way Helen.

  • C. Catherine Watkins

    Thank you for talking about mental health. There's such a negative stigma attached. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone.

  • i hope if anything that the pandemic has helped folks feel more comfortable talking about "mental health", (i'm a huggie type of person, my husband is not, so getting hugs from the fam and friends, i miss it, i have to keep those feels in check, i feel more bitchie (moodie) or frustrated. u felt more connected, whatever) etc. i wish it was more easier/not a shock for others, it happens. move on …u need to feel okay asking for help or whatever … at the time when i needed it back in the late 90's … i had a huge loss, death ..thankful i had a therapist (sadly drugs never worked for me, made me sleepy and even more down, u gotta work with what works for u, no one else matters, it is your health that is most important always, i wish more folks got that, no 1's other thoughts or opinions is even important/matters) …but like u said it was hush hush. i love your attitude and i appreciate your chats. thx. <3

  • I don’t mean to be rude, I love you but there’s something about this new mic that makes me cringe, maybe because it picks up every little sound? I agree about antidepressants, I loved them but everyone kept telling me that I didn’t need them, nobody knows what’s going on in your own head.

  • You actually described my own experience with Sertralin SO bloody well – I feel more stable, even on bad days, and more like my "old" self; and my family's said the same thing. I truly recognize that regret of not trying it out sooner, due to a mixture of some kinda stigma and feeling like you're the only person who just have to power through the shit on your own. Thank you for talking about this!! xx

  • The society we live in today is the depressant. So much stress and pressure. It's a shame that the burden is on us to fix ourselves with drugs and therapy.

  • Fab and much needed video, Helen. Sounds like you’re doing so well with your mental health. So so many of us are struggling and it’s lovely and supportive to hear our thoughts echoed in this video xx

  • I’ve been watching you for years and never commented but I’ve always appreciated your honesty. One of my closest friends is struggling in a similar way right now. She has gone to her gp multiple times now but they have only given generic advise of ‘go for a walk, exercise’ but at this point she’s struggling to function/ do anything at all so this advice isn’t helpful. How can I support her best when she feels there is no hope now?

  • Love love love this video. You hit the nail on the head… I think mental health is talked about now but there is sill the stigma of "over sharing" if you bring it into daily conversation.

    Love your content, style and your personality Helen!

  • re sort of wanting to rename anti depressants- mood stabilisers are a different thing 🙂 they use different hormones and is just a different type of medication! so we do already have mood ‘levellers’ but its not the same as an anti depressant. I do feel the anti depressant name is a bit naff too though:(

  • I also suffer from that rollercoaster that is PMS. I use to get suicidal one week before my period. When my period began, it took one or two days and then I was ”back to normal” but I was so very tired from feeling so depressed and sad with a lot of anxiety. I started eating antidepressive but I didn’t mind it. I was so desperate for any help that I just said yes right away at the doctors as soon as I got to know there was medicine for me to try. My body was so tired dealing with my condition. I still have issues one week before and during period. But atleast as you said, it takes the edge off. I find that talking about my medicine as if it’s any medicine, if I need to, have helped people around me. Because if I’m ashamed, people around me would get even more uncomfortable. I accept myself as I am so I’m not going to let people push me down. So I will not push myself down eather. ❤️❤️❤️

  • ive very recently learnt what self care actually is. i use to think it was just when I was doing a face mask in the evening. but now I know its about boundaries, I've started to say no more instead of saying yes becuz i don't want to upset people. for example as I'm writing this my nan is round today for a roast ( shes in our support bubble ) but I'm not doing so great mentally so id normally force myself to be downstairs and spend time with them but today I'm staying in my room and doing my own thing, obviously I've gone down to say hi and catch up but I'm having a me day xxx thankyou for the video I really appreciate u making it and being open. hope you're having a nice Sunday today xxxx

  • I'm so glad you posted this. The example of the mugs on the table. Little things like that seem to take me so long to do and I put things off so much that it fills me with so much dread.

    I don't like my GP surgery. I really don't feel that I can go there x

  • I've heard 'anti-depressants' referred to as 'mood regulators' before, I think that's a much better way of looking at them, that term sounds a lot less scary than an anti-depressant. Especially when they're not just used for depression, people could be on those kinds of pills for a multitude of reasons.
    Long story short – I totally agree and get your point with that.

  • Good on you Helen ..Iv had depression and anxiety on and off for 40 years ..And yes , iv felt like a failure for having to go on medication, but hey as you said …A diabetic needs insulin…An asmatic needs a inhaler…The mind is the same ..Im 55 now and I don't give a rats arse about what people think ..Xx

  • i love your honesty. we need more people like you online. and i just have to say that you're such a talented speaker!! i admire you so much.

  • I feel like I needed to hear this today. I think I managed the first two lockdowns relatively well but since lockdown 3.0 I've just noticed (particularly the past few weeks) that my thoughts & moods spiral up and down I question everything. I used to go to the gym 3 times a week, it's closed and daily walks have to be local so that's just getting boring now. Can't see friends. Can't go anywhere or do anything. I'm just fed up of feeling stuck. I am such a work to live person and I feel at the moment I'm just living to work. Don't get me wrong I am lucky to have a job. I just think I need to take a leaf out of your book and stop bogging myself down over it because there's nothing I can do about it at the minute.

  • 15:40 i feel like unfollowing people/ accounts that make us feel bad is good for a 1st step of self care. Distancing yourself from the perfect (posed) life of others is helpful when all you mind do is compare what you see on e.g. Instagram to what you have in real life. Once you feel more comfortable with your body, your everyday life, you can come back and follow those people again, but only when you are able to admire a life you see without doubting yours. Love x

  • Hey Helen! Thank you for making this video. I am very alone (physically speaking) right now and I have just started my journey towards using anti depressants. I feel like I don’t have a soul to speak to about this. It was really enjoyable watching this video and seeing someone go through the same thing and feel the same way. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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