Rooster Pox- Analysis & Therapy

Rooster pox is attributable to varicella zoster virus, it unfold by droplet an infection + secretions of rash, it’s extremely contagious. Sufferers have muscle ache, sore throat, …

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  • Im 13 years boy i had chicken pox in February 11 i go to school i fell itchy in my side of the neck i was stracting it after 3.30 my friend and i go to home and i ask a question what is in my neck he says it reddish in that place so its look reddish after next morning i fell little bit dizzy and fever i ask mom and see it after i fell some another pox after i ask mom and see it and my mom o my God and dad come and see he says i have chicken pox he says dont go anywere and 15 days later it finished but some black spots but in middle days of chicken pox one day i can't sleep in my legs have so much and my throat,hands,head,stomach,chest,backside i cannot sleep but i khow i have slsleebut i can't sleep because in my legs have so much so any side i sleep i have itching so much that is so horrible like a hell and some days its little bit stopping itching after i go to doctor and check up he says it all good no problem but guys this is so horrible i never have in my life

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