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    A good video thanks – I've used these trains several times and they are great – albeit with some quirks! Before they were all re-furbished, the conductors on unre-furbished units had to give lengthy announcements before each stop on how to open the doors – which to someone my age was quite hilarious. Another thing was that when there was a trolley service, the trolley couldn't go into Coach A as it has only one exit door, and if the train stopped at a station, de-boarding passengers could be marooned by the trolley. So you had to give your order to the catering staff who would then bring it tou your seat. The cycle accommodation could be better, given the Lands End-John O'Groats market – in fact this was debated at length in the Scottish Parliament, as the original plan was to convey cycles in the power cars, but only for through journeys to/from Inverness, due to possible delays at intermediate stations. Which meant you couldn't hop on with a bike at intermendiate stations. I believe this idea was dropped following pressure from Hamza Yousaf MSP, at the time Minister for Transport and the Islands.

    I look forward to my next trip on one, especially given the lengthy roadworks on the A9 due to the Dualling project for the next few years.

  • Top speed is actually 100mph, linespeed is 100 after Edinburgh Gateway and continues for the length of the airport until the track curves near Dalmeny.

  • Daniel's UK Transport videography

    great trip report the HST heavily refurbished to look almost brand new despite being over 45 years old i really do like the moquette too the price is more than worth it £15 for a 3 hour journey in Britain of all places ! so cheap and also great scenery of Scottish highlands region

  • I used to drive 156 and 158 units to Perth from Glasgow, probably before you were born. They were horrendous. They replaced the pushers on which I had been a guard. They replaced mk1's on which I was guard. I loved those. Big comfy horse hair seats. Compartments. Steam heating. And off loading the mail at Arrochar on a winter's morning was like something out of a movie. You could barely see the length of the train for escaping vapour.
    I was at Perth when they filmed a Tennants lager ad. An old waiting room had been converted into a bar.
    I wish though that they had retro fitted all the mk3's with sliding doors. Got into Queen st on the last train one night. A woman came up to me and said she couldn't get off at Falkirk because she didn't know how to open the door. I asked her if it was her first time on the train. She said that she travelled every day but the doors were always open. Isaac, the station supervisor, told her she was onto plums for a taxi for being stupid.
    He said to one woman who wanted to use the (closed) toilet early one Sunday morning "should huv had a shite before you come oot the hoose".
    He made one drunk idiot get on my train one night to get him out of the station. I had to take him back because he lived in Glasgow.
    They were days.

  • Really enjoyed this. I was a frequent traveler on this line until the

    pandemic intervened. Have not been on this train for almost a year.

    Good report, made me feel pretty nostalgic.

  • I travelled on one of these before… in its original form in the 1980s, London to Edinburgh. Spectacularly fast at the time. Very smooth, quiet ride. Then it was on to Inverness in something older I don't remember, but it's still one of my best train journeys ever. Long live HST.

  • Brings back sweet memories. Travelled on this route in April 2014, one of the most scenic journeys I ever had in UK. If I remember correctly, there are parts of the route where there are mountains on either side and depending on time of the year mountain tops will be covered by snow. 🙂

  • I wonder, are these refurbished HSTs coming from e.g. GWR and East Midlands? Nice to see this lovely scenery again. The last time I did the journey between Pitlochry and Inverness was on a mammoth tour in 1974.

    My parents were living in Cornwall, and courtesy of an Army 1st Class Rail Warrant I was able to make the journey between Penzance and Thurso. An amazing experience, with 2 overnight stopovers on the outward journey, at Preston and Inverness.

    I got talking to 2 American girls when we were in the Highlands, and they were amazed that in the Buffet Car, "High Tea" was available (so was I in fact). So we ordered it. It consisted of fried fish, sauted potatoes, lots of bread and butter and a pot of tea.

    There were then 3 daily return journeys between Inverness and Wick/Thurso, and the motive power appeared to be almost exclusively Class 27s (?). On the the return leg, I caught the first train out of Thurso, and connected with the "Clansman" direct Euston service at Inverness. Lunch was taken in the dining car, all silver service, fantastic cooking, and not too shabby on pricing.

    I ended up at Birmingham New Street, and hauled by Western Emperor back to Cornwall as I recollect.

  • Excellent video. In 2014 i had the opportunity to visit Scotland. I stayed in Edinburgh, Inverness, Dundee for a day each and went around sightseeing. I saw the Edinburgh Castle, which you showed in the initial part of your video. I stayed in Aberdeen for 4 weeks. Visited distilleries in the Highlands. Amazing place. Video helped me to recollect my stay. Thanks.

  • They should go well with the reduced formation. I remember the original full length sets and they suffered from disparity between the individual coaches in terms of heat, or lack of, and sometimes way too much heat. Aircon was a bit iffy. Excellent video Dylan.

  • I have noticed how quiet and smooth the Mk 3 and Mk 4 stock coaches are compared to the newer trains no wonder passengers don't like to see them go and it shows that after 40 years train makers have learned nothing and the passengers have been spoilt.

  • As usual great footage and guide Dylan's Travel Reports! It is nice to see the old 125's albeit a 4-coach set having a new lease of life on the 7 cities routes. Reminds me back in the 1960's when the old A4 pacifics were used to do the Aberdeen–Glasgow and Edinburgh–Glasgow runs before they too were withdrawn an "Indian Summer" if you will just like these old BR stalwarts, so much more comfortable and better than the current next-gen units with ironing board seating, rattly interiors and letterbox windows! Nothing better than a Mark III or Mark IV BREL coach to travel in, they are a credit to last 40+ years. 🙂

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