Small Drugs (a poem)

I posted this earlier as a part of my Honesty and Psychiatry publish, however I had a suggestion to publish this by itself, so “you would not need to get to the tip of that different …

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  • coming off anti depressants is one of the worst feelings. benzos even worse. if you need em I guess but eventually you come to the point that you hate the pills controlling life. then the not adictive Dr talk is found to be a lie. nice vid my man!

  • continued–checkout Mindfreedom. A resource run by psychiatric survivors. They do not deny peoples CHOICE to take medication IF they choose, but also to know what the shrinks and ads DON'T tell them.

  • The main point Maiyanna is is that people are being lied to. They are being told by a very big monolithic consortium–namely the pharma industry and those they patronize, the shrinks, that they have a 'mental illness' that is biological and needs 'treatment'. There exists no medical tests for their 'diagnoses'!

  • Look up the harm reduction guide to coming off of medication. I was never on zyprexa long enough but hear they can be a bitch, coming off of Effexor and Lamictal were a bit scary.

  • Thnx, Adam, I have been writing poems for my book and other stories, I am learning as I go, seeing which ones resonate and which ones do not. I am trying to approach different topics, which is fun as well.

  • That is true, they are helpful to many. I am around a lot with schizophrenia, PTSD, etc, and I really understand. It is hard and I understand what you mean about the medical analogy, although the analogy is not direct. I am only speaking of my own experience and hopes that the mental health industry offer more choices in the realm of healing, because I think there are other ways. I made a video this is in reply to, it might help to clarify things. Or maybe not, I tend to be a bit incoherent.

  • Hello, dear. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I find that in being honest, hoping to connect, that this is healing, both for myself, and for others. My only fear, especially with pieces like this, is in being misunderstood.
    I can add that my own constant testing, needed for Lithium and Zyprexa were pretty scary. It is good to hear you are doing ok. Take care.

  • Hi Maryann, thank you so much for commenting, I know you could have avoided this one. I am not so much "against" medication as I am "for" choices in treatment and honesty in advertising. I know many who swear by the meds, but many like me who do not find the consequences and risks of them worth it. I think for them to be effective, they have to be more of part of a plan than a means and end. Again, thank you.

  • it's complicated. The suffering is real and painful and the pills do offer relief, but I feel like we are lied to about them as well, their dangers, side effects, etc, which makes me angry.

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