Take These Damaged Wings — Therapeutic from Schizophrenia, Treatment with out Remedy (FULL FILM)

This movie is in 22 languages on Youtube: 日本語 (Japanese): Deutsch (German): Español (Spanish): Français (French): العربية (Arabic): עברית (Hebrew): 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese language): 繁體中文 (Conventional Chinese language): Nederlands (Dutch): Ελληνικά (Greek): Italiano (Italian): Português (Portuguese): Hrvatski (Croatian): Svenska (Swedish): Dansk (Danish): Suomi (Finnish): Norsk (Norwegian): Lietuvių (Lithuanian): Русский (Russian): Čeština (Czech): Български (Bulgarian): English […]

Half 2: The Scope of the Epidemic – Whitaker – Psychiatric Epidemic – Might 14, 2014

Robert Whitaker, creator of “Anatomy of an Epidemic” is talking right here at PsykoVision’s convention on the Psychiatric Epidemic in Copenhagen. In Half 2, Whitaker digs down deep into the analysis pertaining to psychiatric treatment and demonstrates fairly clearly that the research paint a really totally different image that the prevalent widespread knowledge of our […]

The Corrupt Science Behind Advertising and marketing Atypical Antipsychotics Like Risperdal & Zyprexa

For extra info, together with hyperlinks to the scientific proof base for the statements on this video, in addition to additional sources: Robert Whitaker on Wikipedia: Robert Whitaker’s books present far more element about this topic, together with citations to the scientific analysis. His e-book “Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Medication, and the […]