Take These Damaged Wings — Therapeutic from Schizophrenia, Treatment with out Remedy (FULL FILM)

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That includes Joanne Greenberg (bestselling writer of “I By no means Promised You a Rose Backyard”), recovered for over fifty years. Interviews with Peter Breggin, Robert Whitaker, Bertram Karon, and Catherine Penney. Directed by Daniel Mackler.

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33 thoughts on “Take These Damaged Wings — Therapeutic from Schizophrenia, Treatment with out Remedy (FULL FILM)”

  • Schizophrenia run in my family my aunt was like that and my father was like that on my father side they are schizophrenia they trying to hide it

  • This such a well put together film and piece of documentary making,it is an important piece that should be broadcast more widely on a TV network,it really needs to be more widely viewed,especially by members of the general public not to mention those who work in "mental health care",the myths and general misunderstanding of "conditons"like schizoprenia has got to be one of the least understood and most stigmatising diagnosis to have ever existed.If only more people could understand and those given this diagnosis could see this film and know there is hope

  • I have an INFJ personality. It’s rare. It is a really good personality to have. I also have schizo affective disorder. People tell me that I have it good. Some say that they would like my job too. I love my friends.

  • Maybe it would.help if those findings were put on the internet to let people see.those.facts, so people.themselves can see the truth, because most just listen to their psychiatrist, and thinking they have their best interest at heart.
    But sadly it does not seem to be that way, the pharmaceutical industry are making to much money to want to reduce the amounts of "medicine" poison to the body,.to the people therefore preventing their patients from recovering from their childhood trauma.

  • A schitz will make you question your reality – a compelling experience of being in a world where you exist, yet your body doesn't.
    Are you ready to limit yourself from the outcome?

  • I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and i stopped medication after i stopped got a lot better mentally physically and i lost the weight i gained 40 pounds my metabolism sped back up i am waiting to be diagnosed competent to gain my life back but i have learned patience so i will talk for as long as it takes but i will never use legal or illegal drugs all drugs are horrible for you i would like to be an advocate for schizophrenia and let people know it can be cured

  • As a child I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and exposed to Thorazine and stelazine and was also given Ritalin to counteract sedation. .
    It made me extremely anxious .at age 40 I was diagnosed with autism and finally i realized I was never psychotic in first place .
    Long term effects of meds was increased chronic anxiety and increased sensory issues especially to sound .anti psychic meds made my life harder.thankfully I was taken off meds by the time I was 13 .had I been on them from age 11 on I doubt I’d be here and able to write this now .
    I Never Promised You a Rose Garden is one of the best books I ever read .

  • wow … maybe the most BEAUTIFUL movie i have ever watched … and of course it was impressive and also heartbreaking to me … the word beautiful fits the best … because what's more beautiful than HOPE !!!

  • "Why do the public believe this?" (that schizophrenia is a chemical imbalance) – not just because they LIE to us, but people want to believe these lies, it let's us all off the hook, especially those with schizophrenic children.

  • john webster wallace

    I'm amazed at the percentage of ignorance by the general public. In regards to attitudes changing, the flippant descriptions give one a feeling of hopelessness. When 4 billion people on the our Mother Earth believe in one God or another…Well, if that's not some kind of – mass – mental disorder relating to schizophrenia…Then I'm… R D LAING. Believing there is a God = ( Environmentally induced…by others…Environmentally induced.)

  • Emotional trauma ………
    Causes chemical imbalance….
    Why don't they do more research…
    Tablets block don't get to the roots…..
    Too high doses destroy….

  • Not enough research into this..
    I've been diagnosed twice each time think brought on by pharneceuticals. Opened up my psyche.
    Sensitive to light and fear…
    Drugged up with drugs that take you away…
    Side effects to deal with…
    Abuse is behind it…
    Whatever kind of.
    Is not a joke. Most people don't understand ….
    The psyche gets opened up and all sorts gets in….l experienced both.
    Joke is the good stuff I had proof was truth…That was even disturbing…
    So much unseen…
    If people can't see themselves
    They don't believe..

  • I know a guy who once told me that his brother started to hear voices after he took some drugs. He got paranoid and thought everyone was talking about him and stuff. So I asked him if his brother became schizophrenic. He told me that's what he assumed. I asked if he got a diagnosis and if he went to a mental hospital to get meds and therapy. He looked at me kida offended and said something like "who do you think I am, putting my brother in a mental hospital, all alone, where doctors feed him meds to become a zombie!?" I didn't mean to offend him and told him that I thought this is the proper way to treat someone with schizophrenia. I asked what they did about his situation then and he told me "I took him home with me and I was watching after him, talking to him and just was there for him" So I asked if that helped and he told me that it took about a moth or so and his brother was fine. This story stuck with me, cause I found it very fascinating that this might have been way better than the "official" way.

  • i had a classmate who, i found out recently, had been subjected to electric shock treatment…he was a normal teen-ager, tall, handsome, like a Ben Affleck! now he is a wreck. In the olden times, he might have been subjected to Exorcism, all because he liked to jack off and smoke weed. I think about him as i deal with my 24 year old son… hospitalized because of too much worries, fears, anxieties; now taking modern meds… like me, with the maintenance.

  • I am so glad that I found this video. My son has been so ill for almost three years that I thought he could never get well again. I now have HOPE!

  • Its gettin CRAZY!!!! GIVE ME, THEM A REALLY STRONG PRO BIOTIC!!!! IS THAT IT? YES! I can see too! It's a chemical imbalance in the intestinal tract. Thank you, Thank you! PROBIOTIC FOODS AND OR SUPPLEMENTS!!!!

  • the voices in the head are probably like every reason to laugh, which would probably make sense if life was easier for the exhausted and overwhelmed persons who probably have a hard time making choices and following through with decisions because of feeling overwhelmed causing exhaustion to succumb to or not.

    it is crazy to feel compelled to not feel alive and it would cause cynicism if everyone else the cynical persons knows or known was getting places in life to feel gratified and appreciated about and because of the cynical persons's exhausted efforts to feel about as good as they seem and maybe to feel worthy of them and their efforts too as though not feeling alone socially.

  • nervously trying (like expecting or doing to expect) validates confidence issues (breathe [to center yourself]), confidence issues validates criticisms (because of unlistened to [or unlistenable because of reminding dislikes] outcomes), criticisms validates nervously trying.

  • It may not be a "chemical imbalance" but saying it's "not a brain disorder" is the equivalent of saying it's not a disorder at all. Using psychotherapy only helps w/ comorbitity conditions which may ease severity of schizo symptoms in cases where there's underlying trauma. The idea that this is even a viable option for all schizo patients is totally irresponsible pseudoscience.

  • This is hogwash. Trauma does not cause schizophrenia. Sure it can play a major factor in certain cases but I know plenty ppl w/ no history of abuse, who lived a charmed existence until the voices started.

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