Tapering Off Psychiatric Medicine with Food regimen, Vitamin and Way of life Modifications: Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D.

Be aware: This video doesn’t represent medical recommendation. Stopping psychiatric medicine, particularly abruptly, may be harmful, as withdrawal results could also be extreme, …

13 thoughts on “Tapering Off Psychiatric Medicine with Food regimen, Vitamin and Way of life Modifications: Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D.”

  • So basically to recover from the antidepressants the patient has to do what they should’ve done before they were taking the medicine , exercise change in lifestyle & eat healthy.

    This is because the medical system is a complete fraud & they want customers same as any other business

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  • It has taken me the last seven years to taper and come off many medications
    I now feel that l am finally free from The System, after 54 years of being a psychiatric Lab Rat

  • These drugs can cause long lasting withdrawals getting off them. Worse than any hardcore drug out there. I'm switching mood stabilizers its been 6 weeks i can still feel the effects of getting off the old ones. Uncontrolled muscle movement in my legs.

  • Diet and lifestyle changes: YES (even though none of it really fixes the withdrawal problem and the damage that was done by the drugs; it just helps a little bit). Adding supplements: hell NO. A few years ago, I read that dr. Brogan prescribes oral GABA to her patients tapering off benzos (among many other supplements). That is the most stupid thing you could possibly do. GABA supplements do absolutely nothing to help with the withdrawal symptoms. It is not a shortage of GABA but the receptors that are damaged. How can a psychiatrist not know this?

  • It hasn't been as simple as changing diet for me. I tried for many, many months. I've gone back to my old ways of eating and feel exactly the same. It's been 21 months off benzos for me.

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