47 thoughts on “Testimonial from a crystal meth person earlier than he died”

  • Too think I was once like him..I sadly attempted to cut my own throat while on meth because I thought a demonstration had possessed me..im beyond grateful that im here today and with 9 beautifully challenging years clean..
    R.I.P. John im sorry you didn't get the chance to save yourself..

  • I know John did it for a reason, there must be a great pain he is trying to escape from. This is the world we are born in, cruel and unnoticing. If you have friends who are addicted to something, do not just look at the substance abuse as the problem because we need to know what our friends are trying to escape from and how we can help them free themselves from drugs and their fears and pain.

  • Im 19 I only smoked dope like 20 times started two months ago I’m glad I got arrested and am now on house arrest and getting tested twice a week otherwise I’d b on that shit right now

  • Why are his fingers bleeding? Is that a cut on his shoulder? How did all that blood get on his chest. My heart goes out to this guy . This breaks my heart.

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    I know my mother mentioned she did it before she got married to be thin enough to fit into her wedding dress I wasn't supposed to hear that. I've never went beyond alcohol or weed. But even alcohol became deadly to me at times because everyone in my family drank and everyone encouraged each other to drink and I'm just researching about Tina crystal meth because I met a couple gay men who told me that they do it and I said well it's not really my thing and I'm not into that scene and they got really mad and so you don't know who I am there's a bad stereotype about people that use it and I was like oh okay okay.I wish you would just wash his hands and get the blood off of it or whatever it is you could tell that he was want to hand some man at one point and you could tell that the drugs are like the devil possessing your soul. I've had problems with alcohol so I know how it could really be addictive and I wonder if my mother's use of it before I was born had anything to do with my heart condition high blood pressure or her exacerbated tourette syndrome

  • Please. Consider my input. I used that substance a handful of times, and I thought I could see bugs crawling through and INTO my skin. I could see REAL bugs crawling into my skin. So although he sounds really convincing, he has accepted and fell into his own dillusion. I only say that because at one point all though I was "all there" and fully coherent I could see sound waves snapping off of my fingers as I snapped them. And I was convinced that somehow I had unlocked some knowledge in my mind. I thought about it alot while sober minded. And although I love the idea of me being super intelligent somehow I would have to assume that he actually does SEE his face getting younger but the reality is its not and he's in some state of psychosis. If he were still alive today idk what he would say. But if he were sober I think he would be able to elaborate more and be able to tell us what he thinks in a sober state of mind IF he was able to.

  • I was a heroin addict about 8 years back. The scariest drug I've ever seen anybody on was methamphetamines… Heroin is not a good drug and there are many dangers and pitfalls to it..however it doesn't typically induce psychosis in most people. At least with an opioid addiction if you overdose it's painless…Meth psychosis is so overwhelmingly dark and maniacal. It's like insane addiction 5.0. anytime I was ever around anybody that was using it, one would feel as if there was a demon in the room and I'm not even kidding. Never wanted a thing to do with it….EVIL

  • Shame. You can tell he was a pretty good looking guy before he got hooked. And just by the way he talks, if he was clear headed, he didn’t seem dumb at all. I’m sure he had some potential he didn’t use.

  • People are nuts, why even try it in the first place, if you aren't prepared for the consequences don't do it in the first place

  • Get out of it is hard to say but, your think closer buddy does not give a f..k won't have nothing else to do with u because u stopped meth

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