The best way to use Sertraline? (Zoloft) – Physician Explains

On this video we are going to cowl the whole lot you might want to find out about Sertraline. This video is a part of a video sequence on psychological. So for extra psychological well being associated movies …

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  • I've taken 3 days of this medication 50mg and decided I don't want it anymore.

    Do I have to gradually come off it? I've taken 3 pills only.

    I was feeling anxious, a bit stressed and my doctor prescribed it. Never felt I was depressed nor I had any post traumatic disorder etc.

    I'm 39 years old and generally healthy.

    Hope you can help?

  • All antidepressants are neurotoxins. Antidepressants do not cure anything. They all have hundreds of side effects and the side effects can pop up at anytime. Some of the side effects can be permanent and last long after the antidepressant is stopped like Tardive Dyskinesia, tinnitus, and sexual side effects. Antidepressants actually increase the risk of suicide in people of all ages (not just young adults), they are linked to worst long term outcomes compared to those who do not take antidepressants for their anxiety and depression. The chemical imbalance theory is not true but rather a marketing ploy by big pharma. Antidepressants also all need to be slowly tapered and can cause debilitating withdrawal symptoms that can lasts for years in some cases if someone doesn't taper safely. The issue would be to try to find the root cause of your symptoms. If not caused by trauma then anxiety and depression are thought to be symptoms of something physically going on in the body. It could be nutritional deficiencies or allergies, hormonal imbalances such as Thyroid disease or vitamin D or other vitamin deficiencies, heavy metal or chemical toxins, Lyme disease, genetic defects such as the MTHFR gene variations, histamine intolerance, previous medication toxicity, bad gut health, brain trauma, systemic inflammation and oxidative stress, unbalanced blood sugar levels and more.

    If you can find a functional or integrative doctor then they can do the testing to find the root cause of your symptoms. Antidepressants only mask symptoms and damage a person's health while they do not realize it. Any part of the brain and body can be affected so many doctors do not tie health problems with the antidepressant.

  • It's my 3rd day on sertraline, first day was horribly nauseous and fatigued, but can feel I am getting better. With this being said I am barely eating and have already lost some weight (which is really not what I want).

    How long do these side-effects generally last, is it normal?

  • I’ve heard that it increases chances of stomach bleeding. I have PsA and I take meloxicam daily. Should I take this drug for my Health anxiety?

  • Daily Dose of Medicine

    Sertraline works by affecting the balance of chemicals in the brain. Specifically, it increases the level of a neurotransmitter called serotonin in the brain. Increased serotonin levels can help improve mood, reduce panic attacks, and treat OCD.

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