26 thoughts on “The right way to Retailer Medicines”

  • Tonywildnature3 Byrd

    Dr. Bones what do I do for my wife if she can not get her meds for her thyroids because she had cancer and they have been removed so she takes meds every day. What do I do for her if no meds can be found after what we have saved up is gone.

  • Bless you both for the expert, sensible and easy to grok info! 25 years working and volunteering in a teaching hospital (renowned three year nursing school) plus growing up in a medical family gave me a good start for winnowing the chaff from the grain – you two are not chaff.

  • Great advice. I never considered the effects of heat INSIDE my mailbox on my VA meds. In the future I will be sure to have someone I trust check my mail daily if/when I am away from home. Thank you.

  • Great video Doc, thanks for all you do behind the scenes Nurse Amy (we know you do most of the work 🙂 ) My medicines (pills) that are sealed I do nothing, my pills that are unsealed like the twist tops I vacuum seal with my Food Saver and put moisture absorbers in them.  I store in my basement prepper room where it is cool.

  • I store mine in a air tight container with a desiccant packet. Do you think this is a good way to protect from moisture? Would the desiccant possibly damage the meds?

  • I would think the vacuum bagging of 'scrips and other meds would significantly reduce exposure to air and moisture, enhancing the storage in the cool, dark places, inside the med storage boxes. This would work best on dry meds (tablets, capsules, etc) because the vacuum would tend to extract the liquid out of the bottle or syringe, although you could still seal them in a vac bag with absolute minimum vacuum or no vacuum at all. Position the bottle labels so that they can be easily read through the smooth side of the bag. Vac bagging would also be useful for other medical supplies like bandages to keep them protected from submerging, like in your boat first aid kit, or hiking kit, again with the bandage identification visible on the clear side of the bag. Also vac bag compressing reduces the bulk frequently, allowing more supplies in the same space.

  • I store all of my meds (including fish antibiotics) in the produce drawer of my refrigerator.  Looking forward to meeting you guys when I take your Suture/Staple class in March in Gonzales, La.

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