20 thoughts on “The Storm Is Coming! ᴴᴰ Half 1 ll Sr.Yasmin Mogahed”

  • Yes, that what I mean, she has good intentions. God is the only one who can judge us based on our intentions.
    I am not saying dont speak out if you see something wrong, we have too speak up to correct the wrong either by hand, by mouth or by heart. If you can contact her directly, that would be best.

  • If you see something wrong of course you have to judge. This sister Yasmin Mogahed has recently caught my attention. She is doing something wrong. She is on many many videos on youtube showing her face and giving speeches. There is hardly any other woman in our Ummah doing this, that tells you that something is wrong here. Like I said the woman should do their talks amongst other woman only where there is no male. You might say she has a good intention but she is doing it against the sunnah.

  • Alhumdulillah we have millions of female scholars in Islam, but i do not know of even one who would upload a lecture to youtube, it is out of the norm. Allah knows Best

  • Salaam,

    I may have made a mistake, you are right,but the reason why women scholars (Aalima) of islam do not record lectures and upload them on youtube is becasue of the FEAR that MAYBE my voice may cause problems. So it is really down to the TAQWA and piety of the woman. I know because two of my sisters are aalima, and they would never record their voice and upload it to youtube when there are plenty of sheikh available on youtube. sisters shud spred their message through kitaabs nd gatherings

  • with afghan heroin being cheaper than food for afghanis, more sympathy should be given to addicts. this cold unsympathetic view of chemical dependence is not sunnah and is doing nothing to help muslims suffering from political situations which create addictive cultures. May Allah help this Ummah and guide us towards more compassion and tolerance. please forgive me for speaking… Salamualakim

  • We need to come back to Allah, before it's too late.
    Very interesting thing to remember, because if you die there is no possible way to return.
    So frightening…

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